Ashghal Wins International Award for Sustainability Leadership

  • Publish date: Monday، 31 October 2022
Ashghal Wins International Award for Sustainability Leadership

The Public Works Authority “Ashghal”, represented by Roads Projects Department, announced that it has won the “Leadership in Sustainability Award” presented by the “Business Intelligence Group” as part of the Sustainability Awards Program for the year 2022.

The Foundation, which is headquartered in the United States of America, honored the District Infrastructure Program implemented by Ashghal due to its continuous commitment to sustainability and considering it an integral part of the work practices and the overall mission of the program, in addition to its leadership in the construction sector in the State of Qatar in this field, according to Ashghal official website.

On this occasion, Eng. Saud Al-Tamimi, Director of the Roads Projects Department, referred to Ashghal’s efforts to support sustainability and environmentally friendly practices in the implementation of projects, stressing that these efforts went beyond just supporting the concept of sustainability, as the authority incorporated the principles and standards of environmental management into its strategic plan. It has launched a number of green and sustainable initiatives as well as recycling initiatives to implement them in its various projects.

Eng. Saud Al-Tamimi added: “The Regions Infrastructure Program was honored because it provided a role model in contributing to environmental protection and striking a balance between economic development and environmental preservation, in addition to its knowledge exchange and dissemination of best practices at the local and regional levels."

Ms. Maria Jimenez, Head of Nominations Team at Business Intelligence Group, said: “We are proud to give this award to the Public Works Authority and honor it for its efforts in the field of sustainability.

It was clear to the jury that the vision and strategy adopted by the authority will continue to achieve tangible results that lead towards a cleaner and more sustainable world.”

It is noteworthy that "Ashghal" had established areas designated for recycling building materials in strategic locations in the country with the aim of improving the efficiency of using available resources.

This step contributed to the treatment and recycling of building materials waste, such as excavation products, demolition waste, and concrete waste, as well as recycled asphalt from road development, works, and drain water.

Ashghal has also implemented key performance indicators in recycling and sustainability in all of its projects, according to which the completed and completed implementation works must include at least 20% of recycled materials, as the authority was able to exceed this number to record 40.71% and reach 12, 7,884,148 tons of material recycled in 2021.

It is worth noting that the Business Intelligence Group was established with the aim of honoring the real talent and outstanding performance in the business and institutional sectors.

The jury, which selects the winners and rates the nominated programs, is made up of senior executives with extensive experience and knowledge in this field.

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