Itqan: A Lens That Monitors the Country's Success Models

  • Publish date: Monday، 02 May 2022
Itqan: A Lens That Monitors the Country's Success Models

The Qatar Media Corporation (QMC) is offering its first edition of "Itqan Qatar - The Extension of Islamic and Arab Civilization" this Ramadan, a program that has achieved great success and high viewing rates. The program addresses the depth of success and mastery in the State of Qatar. This series carries a different title in all sectors of the country, including history, energy, water and food security, health, aviation, nature, and many others.

An international and local technical team was also hired, and the Qatar University for Media, which falls under the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, was involved in producing the series with the highest international professional standards. 720 hours of work, 72 days of filming and visits to 118 sites, and 832 minutes of television with a 27-person team. Cameras of the camera team took precedence by entering many places that had not been filmed before.

Social media platforms have received much feedback from tweeters who say the program sheds light on shining models that seek to revive a culture of scientific research based on skepticism and critical thinking.

They also praised the performance of the host of the media program, Ali bin Tawar al-Kuwari, who succeeded in his distinguished style in introducing viewers to the efforts made by the state to serve its people in all sectors. Al-Kuwari said he uses his bicycle to market his bicycle, which he uses to market his bicycle. He also uses the bicycle to promote environment-friendly and healthy sports and to attract viewers to bicycles, which he considers an integral part of the program.

The most prominent episode that attracted viewers included "Qatar Energy", which dealt with the gas fields in the State of Qatar, how the secrets of gas are discovered and how they are produced and exported. Al-Kuwari stressed that the work on this special session required a lot of preparation and coordination, adding: Happy to have the honor of entering our lenses deep into the energy world of Qatar.

The program also highlighted the Interior Ministry's efforts to protect the country's digital world. In addition to the "Paperless Management" strategy, which was launched between 2008 and 2009, this strategy has produced several outcomes, the most prominent of which is the implementation of Matrix II. It also highlights the efforts of Qatar's museums in promoting a museum culture in society. The government is also making strong efforts to promote a culture of academic medicine in Qatar. The program also stopped at the Msheireb project in the heart of Doha, the most intelligent and sustainable city in the world.

Through its distinguished program production, QMC seeks to provide content that directly touches the aspirations of Qatari citizens and to attract viewers and viewers from outside Qatar with valuable and meaningful information.

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