Qatar National Day Celebrations Start on Friday in Umm Salal

  • Publish date: Friday، 25 November 2022
Qatar National Day Celebrations Start on Friday in Umm Salal

The celebration of Qatar National Day, which comes on December 18 each year, will begin on Friday at Darb Al Saai's permanent location in Umm Salal Mohamed, under the slogan "Our Unity is the Source of Our Strength."

The 24-day celebration will feature a wide range of cultural, historical, and artistic activities in addition to a number of seminars, poetry readings, theatrical performances, and visual arts that reflect Qatari culture, national identity, and legacy.

Around 4,500 cultural and historical activities were planned by the ministry of culture under more than 191 major events. From November 25 to December 18, there will be more than 96 daily cultural and creative events, including 24 seminars, six poetry readings, and nine theatrical performances.

Qatar National Day Celebrations Start on Friday in Umm Salal

The event will feature participation from the Visual Art Center, Qatari Media Center, Qatari Forum for Authors, Qatar Poetry Center "Diwan Al Arab," Theater Affairs Center, Music Affairs Center, Music Affairs Center, Qatar Theater Affairs Center, and other ministry-linked institutes.

In a statement, the organizing committee for the Qatar National Day 2022 festivities said that the cultural and heritage events are in line with its national vision, which aims to increase the participation of all citizens, tourists, and guests of the State of Qatar in the National Day celebrations while showcasing the nation's history and heritage and keeping up with the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, which is currently taking place in Doha.

The Theater Affairs Center is hosting a number of events, such as plays and operettas, that underline the high-level cultural and artistic character of this year's unique National Day festivities. This is due to the theater's significant role in supporting Qatar's cultural and artistic movement.

The first play produced by the Theater Affairs Center, which explores Qatar's maritime history, will be performed on November 25, 26, and 27 in the Al Bidaa area in Darb Al Saai. On December 12–14, the center will also perform an operetta that explores several aspects of Qatari traditional houses' legacy. There will also be a few other operettas played at Darb Al Saai Theater from December 15 to 17.

Qatar National Day Celebrations Start on Friday in Umm Salal

Along with daily workshops for kids of all ages and the entire family to make puppets, there will also be a few plays at a puppet theater. The seminars teach the kids how to make puppets from basic household items and how to color and decorate them. Participants will receive maneuvering instruction as well.

The 150,000 sq. m. Darb Al Saai permanent venue is situated in Umm Salal Mohamad. It is well-equipped with services and public facilities that give visitors and participants a place to rest and feel safe while enhancing their experience. The new location has a large parking lot that can hold about 3,500 cars and is easily accessible from three major roads as well as the Doha Metro through the Old Rayyan Station on the Green Lines. Additionally, five service gates and seven major entry gates are connected to the parking, greatly enhancing traffic flow.

With a wide range of events and activities that celebrate Qatar's rich culture and historical heritage, the organizing committee for the National Day celebrations hopes to improve the experience of tourists and guests in Darb Al Saai.

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