"Pepsi Annabi" in Qatari National Colors and Limited-edition Cans

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 30 November 2022
"Pepsi Annabi" in Qatari National Colors and Limited-edition Cans

As part of its ongoing commitment to unite people from all over the world through their love of football, PepsiCo, one of the largest food and beverage companies in the region, unveiled new football-themed consumer engagement opportunities that allow fans to indulge in their passion even more. These opportunities include a limited-edition grape-flavored Pepsi in Qatari national colors and Pepsi soft drink can design with the faces of supporters draped in national colors.

With PepsiCo's most recent initiatives, fans can enjoy one of the world's most popular sports while celebrating their actual identities and enhancing their sense of national pride.

"What occurs off the field has become just as important to the build-up and excitement as what happens on it," PepsiCo Middle East CEO Aamer Sheikh said. "We are introducing an innovative new Pepsi Annabi grape cola in stores in the colors of the Qatari national team, with whom we are partnering as the 'Official Beverage Partner', to celebrate local pride with supporters here in Qatar. In order to entice fans to continue to be thirsty for more distinctive cheers, more celebrations, and more Pepsi, we are also introducing Pepsi soft drink can design featuring faces of supporters draped in the national colors of Qatar and other countries."

PepsiCo last week announced that as the Official Beverage Partner, its brands, Aquafina and Gatorade, will support the Qatar National Football team and Qatar National Under-23 Football team players every day with the latest innovation in sports and hydration - providing them with energizing drinks to maintain performance and aid recovery, both on and off the field.

Pepsi changed its iconic drink into the colors of the Qatar team and introduced a new "Grape" flavor, giving consumers in Qatar a thrilling burst of grape flavor with a sweet, crisp taste. This was done to capitalize on the exhilaration of the sport, the devotion of the QFA fans, and the momentous glamour of the game. Pepsi Annabi, a brand-led product innovation, was unveiled alongside the release of a video featuring Qatari football players.

Additionally, Pepsi soft drink cans with fan faces covered in a variety of national colors are now available in stores across the country. These unique cans allow fans to customize their celebrations for a limited time and support their favorite teams.

PepsiCo has a history of sponsoring sports and taking part in celebrations through a variety of marketing campaigns at international sporting events for sports including American football, basketball, cricket, and hockey. The brand has established a tradition of honoring sports in the area and around the world with its most recent limited-edition cans, grape-flavored cola, and current lineup of crisp, flavor-packed snacks and beverages.

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