Qatar and the UAE are Working to Reopen Embassies

The embassies might open within weeks or by mid-June of 2023.

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 19 April 2023
Qatar and the UAE are Working to Reopen Embassies

Qatar and the UAE are working towards reopening embassies in their respective countries, however, the exact date for the reopening is very much speculated from being within weeks or in mid-June of 2023. 

Qatar International Media office has said "work is underway between the Qatari and Emirati teams to reopen the respective embassies as soon as possible, the exact date to be announced upon the finalization of the process.”

The effort to reopen embassies is being taken two years after the 2021 Al Ula agreement was signed in Saudi Arabia at a GCC Summit, which ended the Arab boycott of Qatar. The agreement was signed to reinforce unity amongst the Arab states and help them tackle various common challenges together. 

Saudi Arabia and Egypt were the first countries to reappoint ambassadors to Doha in 2021. All countries had resumed travel links with Qatar except for Bahrain, which resumed diplomatic ties with Qatar very recently on April 12th, 2023. UAE was a layover destination for fans travelling to the FIFA Worldcup Qatar 2022. 

In March 2023, the UAE also restored access to several of Qatar's news websites such as Al Jazeera English, The Peninsula, Qatar's state news agency (QNA), and others. 

Qatar and UAE officials have had several visits between the countries to discuss further development of diplomatic relations as well as ventures for mutual prosperity and reopening embassies is a step closer to strengthening restored diplomatic ties.