The Museum of Islamic Art to Offer an "Immersive Cultural Experience"

  • Publish date: Thursday، 02 June 2022
The Museum of Islamic Art to Offer an "Immersive Cultural Experience"

The reopening of the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) will provide guests and tourists with an "immersive cultural experience," according to Qatar Museums (QM).

In a tweet, QM stated that they are still working hard to reopen the museum, which will happen in the autumn.

"The museum will continue to be magnificent, but it will have a new message, be family-friendly, visitor-friendly, and have a completely new storyline." The new storyline will be completely different; we will discuss history, the origins of Islam, its spread, and the religion itself. Then we have a voyage from east to west or west to east, depending on where you're from, so you can learn about different sections of the Islamic world and how the masterpieces are placed in context," MIA Director Dr. Julia Gonnella explained.

"We are going to change how the objects are displayed from being merely beautiful to relating them to our social value," MIA Deputy Director of Curatorial Affairs Shaika Al Nasser said. "For example, we are going to speak about the Haj and its importance, and so we are going to display the Sitara Al Ka'bah (curtain of the Ka'bah) and the permanent galleries and their impact on the social and cultural life and related to art."

MIA will debut 70 objects that have never been seen before at the relaunch. And each gallery has a new application; the museum's reopening is a "full-scale new experience," according to Dr. Gonnella.

The museum and library are now closed; however, locals and visitors can take a virtual tour of MIA using its 3D virtual tour guide, which can be found on its website mia.org.qa 

Furthermore, MIA Park is still accessible to the public for individual sports activities.

The refurbishment of the galleries and internal areas began in the fall of last year. It was discovered in May that a magnificent Damascus room is reviving following four years of conservation and refurbishment. "180 pieces of a magnificent Damascus woodwork interior are being assembled at MIA these days to resurrect a beautiful chamber that was originally utilized for visitor greeting."

Islamic art, ceramics, glass, manuscripts, metalwork, textiles, woodwork, and jewelry are among the many items on display at MIA.

"Our masterpieces are drawn from both the secular and religious components of other worlds, all of which are linked by their commitment to Islam, but many of them are non-religious in origin. The artworks are drawn from princely treasure troves to regular people's private residences. "Each object has a wonderful tale to talk about itself and the world from which it came," MIA explained.

The MIA Library includes about 21,000 books, making it one of the region's greatest collections of Islamic art books.

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