Katara Brought the Curtain Down on Eid al-Fitr Activities

  • Publish date: Friday، 06 May 2022 Last update: Monday، 24 April 2023
Katara Brought the Curtain Down on Eid al-Fitr Activities

The final day witnessed the arrival of thousands of visitors who came to enjoy the diverse entertainment program that Katara prepared for her audience of families, families, children, and other members of society.

For his part, Salem Mabkhoot Al-Marri, director of public relations and communication at the Public Institution for the Cultural District (Katara), expressed his happiness at the great success and the great public turnout achieved by the Katara Festival in the blessed Eid al-Fitr. He praised the high-level cooperation shown by the public during their presence in Katara and their attendance at the various events, thanking all the media for their attention, coverage, and outstanding accompaniment with Eid activities in Katara.

The streets of Katara were filled with joy, while children who were with their families, relatives, and friends in cars continued to receive Eid al-Fitr. The children received beautiful, elegant, and packaged gifts and smiled with joy.

Swimmers at the Katara Beach Resort were also fond of swimming, as they were keen to visit the beach and practice their hobbies with their families. The family atmosphere reflects the happiness of everyone by spending the Eid holiday in this vital and unique facility, which is considered one of the most prominent entertainment destinations in Qatar.

Performances by five popular groups from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, and Syria were well received by a large audience of citizens and residents of all ages and groups. The performances included folkloric dance tablets and performances by the Qatari Popular Renaissance Ensemble for Women, the Saudi Jazz Flute Ensemble, the Moroccan Sons of Al-Mezan Ensemble, the Egyptian Golden Eagle Band, and the Syrian Afrah Al-Sham Band, which celebrate the colors of the popular heritage of Qatar and other Arab countries.

The fireworks Katara performed on the opening day of Katara's Eid al-Fitr events caught the attention of the audience, who came to Katara to enjoy the holiday in a beautiful family atmosphere and to celebrate it with a beautiful celebration.

Katara's visitors expressed their happiness with the festive and recreational program that Katara prepared for her audience during the blessed Eid al-Fitr. The program, with its joy, was distinguished by the return of exceptional weather after festivals led by the precautionary measures to confront the coronavirus, Covid-19. Ziad Sabri said: Katara is his favorite destination for Eid al-Fitr vacation to enjoy outstanding entertainment and artistic performances throughout the holiday. He also enjoys the many facilities that provide high-quality services that meet the expectations of different age groups.

Ahmed Salim said, "He is keen to go early every day to Katara, accompanied by family and friends, to enjoy the Eid holiday in an open and wonderful atmosphere, and to attend various activities that combine various colors of entertainment, pleasure, and knowledge, such as watching artistic shows, films, and swimming,

Hossam Mahmoud praised Katara's outstanding performance during Eid. He said his children prefer to go to Katara to receive Katara's Eid gifts, engage in maritime activities on Katara Beach, or watch space movies and the Thuraya Astrological Dome.

Abdul Rahman al-Ayesh said Katara is a favorite destination for visitors of all nationalities because of the variety of facilities and enjoyable activities they can find. It is also a place to enjoy the happy Eid in an open atmosphere that is provided by Katara Squares, beach, gardens, and hills, which are distinguished by their magnificent designs and add a special natural beauty.

The children will be scheduled to perform "Halalhom Dalalhom" on the drama stage from May 10th to 14th. The play is written by Jassem Al-Jalahma and directed by Abdullah Al-Badr. A group of artists are participating, including Ahmed Iraj, Zahra Arafat, Mohammed Al-Ramadan, Iman Al-Husseini, and produced by Ahmed Al-Onan and Fahd Al-Banai.

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