Three COVID-19 Preventive Measures Canceled in Qatar

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 24 May 2022
Three COVID-19 Preventive Measures Canceled in Qatar

At 12 am on Saturday, May 21, 2022, Qataris said goodbye to things they are accustomed to throughout the Corona pandemic, as Cabinet decisions regarding the plan to gradually lift the restrictions imposed as a result of the pandemic will enter into force until further notice.

Below we review the most important measures that were canceled

1- The rapid test for the Coronavirus

The Council of Ministers decided, in its last meeting last Wednesday, not to obligate employees and workers in the government and private sectors to conduct the rapid test examination for the Coronavirus (RapidAntigen) approved by the Ministry of Public Health.

2- Masks

At the same meeting, the Council of Ministers also decided not to compel citizens, residents and visitors to wear masks in closed public places, unless they are inside health facilities or use public transportation.

After the Cabinet announced the lifting of the preventive measures related to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the Ministry of Public Health issued a statement clarifying more details related to these changes.

The ministry said - on its website - that wearing masks, as of May 21, has become mandatory in the following cases only:

1- For all individuals inside health care facilities (including workers in these facilities and auditors).

2- For all individuals on public transport.

3- For customer service employees working in closed places, including cashiers, reception staff and security personnel.

3- Canceling the weekly Corona test in schools

And in the circular sent by the Education Affairs Sector of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to schools, a copy of it reached the Qatari newspaper Al-Sharq, which in turn published it on its website, and confirmed this, based on the decision of the Council of Ministers to ease preventive measures related to the Corona pandemic and in consultation and coordination between the Ministry of Education and Higher Education And the Ministry of Public Health, it was decided not to compel employees and students who have not been vaccinated to conduct a rapid weekly examination for the Coronavirus.

Among the resolutions was the lifting of restrictions imposed on people’s entry to all closed public places, while continuing to check the green code in the EHTIRAZ application when entering these places, after vaccination was previously a condition for entering certain places such as physical training clubs, weddings and sports events, conferences, and exhibitions.

Also, starting next week, and after a daily follow-up that lasted for three years, the Ministry of Health will stop publishing the daily statement on the outcome of Covid-19 in Qatar.

The Ministry of Public Health advised all individuals to take personal responsibility to protect themselves and others around them (especially those who care for them) by wearing a muzzle in closed spaces if they are at greater risk of infection, suffer from chronic diseases or symptoms of disease, or are They are near people who are showing symptoms of illness, or when they are in crowded or poorly ventilated places.

In this context, the great efforts made by the concerned authorities in the State of Qatar cannot be overlooked in controlling the epidemic and limiting its repercussions as much as possible.

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