Garangao is Back after Two Years of Absence

  • Publish date: Thursday، 14 April 2022 Last update: Thursday، 23 March 2023
Garangao is Back after Two Years of Absence

Qatari children and youth are celebrating the traditional Garangao night, which corresponds to the 15th of Ramadan.

In response to the requests that night, many shops, especially Souq Waqif, provided various types of nuts that are distributed to children on this night.

It is known that "Garangao" is a traditional celebration and part of the authentic Qatari heritage, where children in their elegant clothes roam their neighborhood chanting traditional songs and chants on this occasion and receive gifts and bags of sweets from adults.

Garangao is a large basket made of palm fronds carried by the children of the neighborhood and roaming with it at the doors of the residents of the neighborhood, asking them to put nuts in it.

On the night of Garangao, children are adorned with traditional folk clothing, with a special Gulf character, where the boys wear the new white clothes and wear the "gahfiya", a hat usually embroidered with silver threads, in addition to the embroidered "sudairi", a folk robe worn over the dress and hanging down to the waist.

Garangao is Back after Two Years of Absence

As for the girls, they wear the “zarri dress” over their normal clothes, a dress that radiates colors and is embroidered with golden threads, and they also put the “bukhnag” to cover their heads, a black cloth adorned with golden threads at the ends, in addition to some traditional ornaments.

Garangao is Back after Two Years of Absence

A number of citizens confirmed their keenness to acquire all the requirements of the traditional Garangao night, especially this year, after a 2-years deprivation due to the COVID-19. They said that Souq Waqif is the best destination for these heritage occasions because all the supplies are available in it at very reasonable prices compared to the shops outside the market, and it is also a popular destination for children to buy what they like, play and spend a nice time.

The little girl, Humayan Youssef Al-Kuwari, said, “I am very happy because I am accompanying my mother, father, and brothers to buy Garangao supplies.”

We are very excited to buy sweets and new toys, and my mother has sewed a very beautiful traditional dress for me and I am so excited to wear it, and I am eagerly awaiting the night of Garangao until I play with my friends and relatives and exchange gifts and eat a lot of sweets and chocolate.

Mr. Haider Asghar, one of the sellers, said: "We are keen to prepare the requirements for the night of Garangao two months before it because citizens receive this occasion very well and pay attention to its smallest details, and it is considered a special occasion for them."

And he stressed that the turnouts are very large and the market is very crowded, especially after iftar, specifically this year after life returns to normal, stressing that Souq Waqif is a popular destination for citizens, especially on traditional occasions, and its prices are very appropriate compared to other stores.