Spring Colors Distinguish Eid Abayas in Qatar

  • Publish date: Friday، 06 May 2022 Last update: Monday، 24 April 2023
Spring Colors Distinguish Eid Abayas in Qatar

A number of fashion designers confirmed that the preparation for the Eid season begins before the holy month of Ramadan, as the preparation begins to prepare designs and models that keep pace with fashion and combine the Qatari culture with the latest international fashion, noting that women and girls are increasingly buying abayas and jalabiyas during the Eid period

They explained that Qatari women still prefer to wear a dress or abaya that is characterized by modesty and keeps pace with the latest international fashion at the same time, especially since we live in a society that preserves its customs and traditions.

Besides, they pointed out that there is great competition in the Qatari market, and every day there is a new fashion designer, brand or distinctive designs that emerge in the market, They emphasized that the prices differ according to the workmanship in the product, and also according to the material used, as there are some female clients who ask for more work in the abaya, while others prefer soft styles that tend to be simple.

The designer, Maryam Al-Mutawa, said that in the Eid collection, she relied on making abayas from different fabrics such as jacquard and organza imported from the largest factories in Italy and France, noting her keenness that all pieces were specially made for her own fashion line, so that there would be a kind of distinction And so that there is no repetition, or one of the customers is sure that when she wears a piece that she will not see on any other customer

Fashion designer Aisha Al-Mutawa said; She relies on traditional fashion that mixes modernity and heritage, in colors and cuts, especially during the month of Ramadan and the period of the Garangao and Ghabga celebrations, explaining that for the blessed Eid al-Fitr season, they are currently, as Qatari fashion designers, relying on spring colors and fabrics that suit the change of weather, especially with The end of winter and the advent of spring, both in terms of colors and materials, as well as choosing sweet, soft and light styles of distinctive fabrics, characterized by practicality and luxury at the same time.

Furthermore, she pointed out that the most requested models and designs are the wide cuts that combine Qatari and Gulf cuts, indicating that the common taste is the plain fabrics, which are one color or are combined between two colors, and are characterized by more manual work, as well as the introduction of fabric lace and chiffon.

On the other hand, Mrs. Ilham Al-Ansari, who specializes in traditional clothes inspired by the Qatari heritage, explained that the blessed month of Ramadan and Eid are among the most important seasons for buying elegant jalabiyas, which are distinguished by their bright colors, stressing that she is keen to diversify her designs to suit the taste of Qatari women, among jalabiyas for daytime occasions. And the jalabiyas with luxurious details and heavy materials, which are perfect for evening occasions.

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