Boeing's Contract with Qatar Airways "Expired"

  • Publish date: Friday، 08 July 2022
Boeing's Contract with Qatar Airways "Expired"

According to reports, Airbus canceled a deal with Qatar Airways on Tuesday for a fourth A350 aircraft.

As reported by Reuters, Boeing rival Airbus informed a UK court that Qatar Airways has claimed that a preliminary agreement to buy up to 50 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft has lapsed.

The deal, which was signed in Washington in January, is just one of a number of agreements that are currently the focus of legal action between Airbus and the national carrier in London over a bigger plane.

Airbus requested a copy of the Boeing 737 MAX agreement after the airline highlighted it in its request for compensation for damage to the A350, which is currently valued at $1.4 billion.

A350 aircraft damage is revealed by Reuters amid the Airbus-Qatar Airways conflict

According to a UK court declaration from Airbus, Qatar Airways rejected the request on the grounds that the Boeing contract had "expired."

In response to a request from Doha News for comment, Qatar Airways declined, while Boeing also declined a request from Reuters.

Preliminary contracts or Memoranda of Understanding of the type inked in January may be renewed or strengthened, according to sources who spoke to Reuters, depending on the goals of both parties. However, they typically have a set expiration date.

Akbar Al Baker, the chief executive of Qatar Airways, said last month that the company anticipated confirming the acquisition of 25 Boeing 737 MAX 10 aircraft with 25 more options.

In response to Qatar's unwillingness to accept additional Airbus A350s due to a disagreement on damage to the aircraft's painted skin, Airbus withdrew from a plan to provide Qatar with smaller A321neo aircraft.

After Qatar made a provisional order for the Boeing 737 MAX, a plane that competes with the A321neo, a discussion over whether the Boeing contract may be included in the UK legal issue arose.

A British judge heard arguments over document disclosure on Thursday in advance of a full trial set for mid-2023.

Order cancellation for the Airbus A350

According to three people with knowledge of the matter who spoke to Reuters on Tuesday, Airbus is alleged to have canceled a contract with Qatar Airways for a fourth A350 aircraft in the midst of an ongoing disagreement between the two aviation giants.

According to sources, Airbus halts the fourth A350 contract with Qatar Airways.

According to the news source, the deal to purchase that plane was canceled in late June and deals to purchase a fifth and sixth plane are expected to be done away with by the end of this month and later this year, respectively.

The most recent incident is connected to a protracted conflict between a French aircraft maker and the state airline of Qatar, which has roiled the aviation industry.

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