Dar Al-Watad Ingurgitates "Smedra" novel by Abdul Rahman Al-Kuwari

  • Publish date: Thursday، 02 June 2022
Dar Al-Watad Ingurgitates "Smedra" novel by Abdul Rahman Al-Kuwari

On Saturday, May 28, Dar Al- Watad inaugurated the novel "Smedra: The Struggle of a Girl" by the writer His Excellency Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Salem Al-Kuwari, the former Minister of Health, in the presence of a number of ambassadors accredited to the state and a group of writers and intellectuals.

Dr.Al-Kuwari explained that the novel is his first novel after poetic experiments, especially in lyrical poetry and other stories.

He also said: It is a novel that mixes reality and fiction, deals with a number of social, political, intellectual, and human rights issues, and stems from the principle of freedom, justice, and equality as an absolute human right that is not acquired by all human beings, So the girl Smedra lived a story of an international and cosmic struggle that spanned in various spaces, and in different times in which she met many people, each of them carrying a message expressing himself and his social, cultural and intellectual potentials.

He indicated that he was inspired by the novel from a real personality of a young activist on social networking sites from the Levant, who carried the concerns of her homeland and the Arab world in her tweets. He emphasized that the character is a model for the influential and effective Arab woman in her Arab environment and that the novel supports the issues of the Arab nation, especially the Palestinian cause.

For his part, the novelist and writer Dr. Amir Taj Al-Sir confirmed that "Smedra" has the data of the modern novel, is characterized by accurate drawing of the characters, and deals with many issues such as refugees and others, and it moves from time to time smoothly.

The critic Dr. Nizar Chakroun said that the novel places women in the ranks of men and shows that they are able to carry the message of society and participate strongly in supporting freedom and progress in society, pointing out that the heroine is a developing personality and not a stereotype.

The Qatari novelist and academic Dr. Ahmed Abdul-Malik stressed that the novel is a new shift in the course of the Qatari novel, as it departed from the social novel that dominated many Qatari works.

The critic and academic Dr. Abdelhak Belabed dealt with the novel's interest in the new narrative strategy, pointing out that it dealt with international issues such as exile, alienation, freedom, and cultural diversity in an interesting form, with a good beginning at the threshold of the text and the aesthetic of the mysterious title that entices the reader to the conclusion.

For his part, Mr. Ibrahim Al-Bohashem Al-Sayed, director and founder of Dar Al-Wat, Vice-President of the Arab Publishers Association, said in an exclusive statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA) that the inauguration of the novel “Smedra” came in line with the inauguration of the new headquarters of the house, which contributes to its cultural role in the field of publishing. He pointed out that the house, which was established in 2017, is working to provide distinguished cultural works.

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