Alfardan Commercial Launches New E-Commerce Platform

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 02 November 2022
Alfardan Commercial Launches New E-Commerce Platform

Alfardan Commercial, a subdivision of Alfardan Automotive Division, lately launched its recent e-commerce platform, www.alfardancommercial.com, which will give all customers access to a variety of automotive aftermarket products such as tires, lubricants, batteries, and other automotive care services and products.

The launch coincided with Alfardan Commercial's plans for digitalization, which will enable the company to streamline the operation of offering customers its own brand of premium automotive services and products.

“I am very delighted with the results and fascinated by how quickly the team went from an idea to the actual launch. Being one of the best dealers of automotive aftermarket products in the State of Qatar, it was very important to adapt equivalent fidelity, dexterity, and attractive design to the customer-oriented website to accurately reflect the services and products we are providing,” said Shambil Basit, general manager, Alfardan Commercial.

He said: “Our aim is to continuously make our services more accessible for our customers. Digitization in retail is a vital pillar, and online shopping culture has expanded to a point where we must adhere to the ways our customers prefer to gain access to products and services, and thus came the decision to launch our new e-commerce platform.”

According to Basit, the decision to release the new e-commerce platform will not affect or alter customers' shopping experiences but will instead provide customers with a heightened shopping experience facilitated by quick and easy steps.

The website can be accessed through computers, mobile phones, and tablet devices and includes numerous features such as the ability to create your own account, dynamic search engines for all products and services offered, access to product promotions and coupon codes, a live chat for all inquiries as they arise and instant customer support, access to all tires by tire size and vehicle type, and much more.

The e-commerce platform will be available in both Arabic and English to reach a larger customer base and to provide a seamless purchasing experience for all customers from various backgrounds without the need for website translation or the need to reduce bounce rates or enhance conversion.

Customers will also be able to access Alfardan Commercial's 'Fit and Fix Service' via the website, which was developed to offer them express and premium services at any specified location or at home.

Customers will be able to ask about the service and make appointments online. The customer service team will then call the customers to schedule the visit around their schedules. After that, the service van will be dispatched to the desired location.

Alfardan Commercial provides a variety of products in the Qatar region. Its brand portfolio includes leading multinational companies such as Continental, a manufacturer of safe and reliable tires for passenger cars and commercial vehicles; Castrol, a leading manufacturer of premium lubricants and greases; FIAMM, a manufacturer and distributor of automotive and industrial start-up batteries; YIGIT AKU, a leading investment company in the field of batteries in Turkiye; and PLATIN, a battery brand from YIGIT AKU.

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