Why Did Rafael Nadal Cry After Messi Won the World Cup?

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 28 December 2022
Why Did Rafael Nadal Cry After Messi Won the World Cup?

Spanish tennis legend Rafael Nadal admitted that tears fell from his eyes after Argentina won the 2022 World Cup, which concluded recently in Qatar.

The Argentine national team, led by its legendary star Lionel Messi, crowned the 2022 World Cup, which was held in Qatar and concluded on Sunday, December 18, after its victory in the final over France, led by promising star Kylian Mbappe, by penalties, after the match ended in a 3-3 draw.

Nadal confirmed that he cried while seeing Lionel Messi (35 years old) leading Argentina to crown the World Cup and winning the great challenge that many bet on failing to achieve at this age, as Messi was the striking force of the tango dancers in the tournament, and scored 7 goals, including two in the final, and he was crowned the best player.

"Seeing Messi lift the World Cup made me very happy and winning that title that was missing from his coffers with everything it means to Argentina seems fair to me," Nadal said in statements reported by the German news agency.

He added, "Although I am not a fan of the Argentine national team, I was strongly affected when Messi scored the third goal and tears fell from my eyes, because of the emotion of seeing a great person achieve what he lacked, after he suffered so much to achieve it."

And Nadal was crowned his 22nd title in the four major tournaments in the world of tennis (Grand Slam) two days after he completed his 36th year last June in an unprecedented historical achievement, after a long struggle to reach this record, which made him affected by seeing another person achieve late success in his career as Messi.

Nadal, who is known for his support for the Real Madrid team, revealed his feelings when he saw Kylian Mbappe scoring 3 goals for France in the World Cup final, and losing in the end.

Where Nadal admitted that he was interested in Mbappe during the match, stressing that the player did not make a mistake by choosing his future.

And the Spanish tennis legend confirmed that there would be no surprise if Mbappe ended up in Real Madrid after all that, adding: “as a fan of the team, i see that he can come from tomorrow if he can achieve that.”

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