Katara Kahraman Center Showcases High Quality Beads

  • Publish date: Thursday، 15 December 2022
Katara Kahraman Center Showcases High Quality Beads

The Katara Kahraman Center, which is regarded as one of the notable monuments of the Katara Cultural Village, has expanded to accommodate its services, and the Kahraman exhibition has been reopened at its new site.

The exhibition features twelve local exhibitors who are showing a variety of artifacts in all sizes and shapes, as well as rosaries from different countries, including Polish and Ukrainian ones.

The exhibition offers amateurs the greatest varieties of amber in a variety of shapes from the most well-known producing nations. There is circular, oval, and rosin amber.

Additionally, it offers a wide range of services to both amateurs and amber merchants, including the provision of expert photography for all varieties of amber. Additionally, it offers the assistance of an amber laboratory with the most up-to-date tools to accurately examine the grade of amber ore and issue a quality certificate to those who are interested.

For those who are interested, training workshops are held as part of the Katara Kahraman Center's programs, and these include seminars that go to the most well-known karam-producing nations to observe the entire production process.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused the annual Katara International Amber Exhibition to be postponed for the last two years, however, it is anticipated that it will return in 2023. While everything is going on, tourists are admiring and enjoying the 12th iteration of the Katara Traditional Dhow Festival, which features displays from the pavilion made of Omani Palm Fronds.

It is one of the most notable and well-known Omani crafts that contribute to marine history and is responsible for the production of numerous artifacts and implements for domestic use.

The Omani Palm Fronds pavilion's manager, Saleh Rashid Al Bahri, expressed his happiness at the number of visitors who were enjoying the exhibits there. He pointed out that the gauntlets, mats, dishes, baskets, and fans are among the top products made by these manufacturers that draw tourists to Katara.

The majority of customers are keen to get palm fronds because of their various shapes, vibrant colors, and environmental friendliness with the intention of using them as adornment and decoration within house furnishings and heritage items within homes, salons, and councils.

They are also bought to give away as gifts at social gatherings, highlighting the many contemporary additions to this handicraft and how it has evolved with cutting-edge aesthetic touches to maintain true marine history.

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