Top 8 Qatari Personalities Awarded At Najah Qatari

  • Publish date: Friday، 11 March 2022
Top 8 Qatari Personalities Awarded At Najah Qatari

Najah Qatari is one of the country’s biggest annual events, attended by royal family members, ministers, Qatari business personalities, inventors, and prominent public figures across several fields.

The three-day event saw a remarkable turnout from the public, and concluded under the slogan “Yesterday’s dream, today’s reality.” Faisal Al-Otaibi, founder of Najah Qatari explained that the slogan was a reflection of a reality, as all the events and talks held during the festival demonstrated the excellence of Qatari youth. To many of the youth, the projects they’ve proudly showcased during the 3-day annual celebration all started with a dream.

Last year marked the first time that the annual event chooses the awardees based on people’s votes. This year saw quarter a million votes, marking a big rise from the past year.

Najah Qatari was inaugurated in 2017, and is centered around Qatari youth, to inspire and celebrate them.

The total number of participants in the fifth edition of the festival this year reached 143, including 71 participants in all the festival’s forums, and 72 nominees.

The festival was not limited to award announcements and it included various activities. There was a total of sixteen forums held, with 12 free courses organised for the attendees. The forums tackled a range of topics including health, autism, innovation, poetry, and much more.

The winners of the Najah Qatari awards

The first award announced was the ‘Best Coach’ award, earned by Wadha Al-Athba, who outvoted the 12 other nominees for the category. She was also the only woman who won in any of the categories during the ceremony.

“I’m so proud of all the accomplishments I’ve done and I’m so proud of all the trainers. This prize is for all the trainers who have worked so hard for themselves, and worked hard to get the license,” Al-Athba told Doha News in a statement.

‘Best Inventor’ award was granted to Saleh Al-Safran, while the ‘Best Photograph’ award winner was Mohammed Abdullah Al-Kaabi.

A total of eleven local organizations were nominated for the ‘Best Youth Initiative’ award. The winner of the category was Ali Talib Al-Hanzab for their project that targets afforestation and combats desertification.

The fifth awardee was Saoud Al-Mudahka, who was voted as Qatar’s ‘Best Youth Broadcaster.’

‘The Best Entrepreneurial Project’ category was extremely competitive, with the nominee list including leading local businesses across different industries.

Amongst audience cheers, Snoonu was the winner of the category. Snoonu is a leading local delivery application, and one of the country’s prominent home-grown success stories. The startup’s goal is to be Qatar’s first Unicorn company.

Hamad Al-Hajri, Snoonu’s Founder and CEO, told Doha News that after winning as Qatar’s ‘Best Entrepreneurial Project’ in 2022, the company’s goal in 2023 is to be awarded as the entire region’s best business project.

Al-Rayyan Club, won the ‘Best Club’ award, thanks to them supplying the Qatari national team with distinguished young talents, and a loyal fanbase to back them up.

Finally, the ‘Best Social Media Influencer’ award was given to Hamad Aljameela, who has almost 350,000 subscribers on Snapchat, and around 200,000 on Instagram.

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