Top 7 Activities at Aqua Park Qatar in Doha

  • Publish date: Thursday، 28 April 2022
Top 7 Activities at Aqua Park Qatar in Doha

Aqua Park Qatar is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Qatar, and the most visited one, especially the Abu Nakhla area in the city of Doha. Aqua Park Qatar occupies 50,000 square meters of Abu Nakhla district in the country's capital and includes many exciting water activities.

The park initially opened in 2010, then closed for expansion, and reopened in 2011 in its current new state. It includes many attractions suitable for young and old, in addition to many activities that are scheduled periodically.

Activities you can do

Top 7 Activities at Aqua Park Qatar in Doha

You can sit with your children around the park's pool and enjoy a swim in it, which has been designed in the form of a small lake for families. Besides, there is a pirate beach area for children, which your children will enjoy a lot, as it contains exciting water games and attractive and colorful slides.

You must embark on an exciting adventure in the cylindrical basin, which includes 3 levels of height, 14, 16, and 20 meters. You and your children can also visit the amazing water surfing pool, which will give you a chance for a realistic adventure that simulates the exciting sport of water surfing.

The park includes many facilities that suit your children, such as a swimming pool that includes elephant figures, a space boat, and a driving school. The most exciting facility is the wave pool, a favorite of visitors, where you can face six different patterns and intensities of water waves.

Of course, the park has many snack bars and refreshments to ensure that visitors are served to the fullest, as well as a gift shop.

Entry prices for children

Top 7 Activities at Aqua Park Qatar in Doha

Tickets are sold according to length, not age. Details are as follows:

For children between 90 cm and 120 cm, 100 Qatari riyals, equivalent to 27.45 US dollars. Free for those below 90cm. As for adults, the price of one ticket when visiting Aqua Park in Qatar per person in the tourist season is 180 Qatari riyals, equivalent to 49.44 US dollars. While the price of one ticket when visiting Aqua Park in Qatar per person outside the tourist season is 150 Qatari riyals, equivalent to 41.20 US dollars.

Working hours

Daily from 12 pm to 8 pm, except for Thursday and Friday, when closing time is delayed until 10 pm.

Saturday is for families, Tuesday is for ladies only, and Monday is the weekly park holiday.

Hotels near Aqua Park Qatar

Al Shoula Hotel is a 5-star hotel in Doha, with excellent ratings, 21.5 kilometers from Aqua Park Qatar.

Al Aziziyah Boutique Hotel Doha, which has a strategic location, is half an hour drive from the Aqua Park Qatar. It is also 2.6 km from Doha Zoo, the distance from the Aspire Dome to the hotel is 0.7 km, and Hamad International Airport is 17.8 km from the hotel.

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