Qatari Businesswomen Enhance Their Presence in Business Platforms

  • Publish date: Thursday، 30 June 2022
Qatari Businesswomen Enhance Their Presence in Business Platforms

At an accelerated pace, the participation of Qatari women in the financial and business sector has increased over the past few years, as their participation has expanded in all economic sectors, both traditional and modern, which has positively impacted the enhancement of their contribution to the national economy.

Current estimates, according to Qatar Chamber data, indicate that the number of women who own partially or fully the companies registered in the Chamber is about 7,000 Qatari women, while the number of women authorized signatories and have the right to manage companies is about 4900, while the number of authorized signatories is 4700 Qatari women

Businesswoman Ibtihaj Al-Ahmadani, a member of the Qatar Chamber Board of Directors and President of the Qatari Businesswomen Forum, said that Qatari businesswomen have achieved great success in the business world and have made a clear imprint in various economic sectors, noting that in the past years have witnessed intense women's economic activity, benefiting from the support and directives of the leadership and governance policies that support women and focus on empowering women and activating their economic participation.

Al-Ahmadani added, in a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), that it was natural for these efforts to result in wide participation of Qatari women in the fields of economic development, and a remarkable presence in the labor market and entrepreneurship, pointing out that Qatari women entered areas of business that were previously - exclusive to the men and achieved remarkable success.

In turn, entrepreneur Haya Al-Dosari said that businesswomen were able to rise to new heights in the field of economy and investment, noting that entrepreneurship-related activities have become the most dominant among women's projects.

She explained that the role of Qatari businesswomen was not limited to focusing on traditional sectors such as hospitality and home projects, but rather went beyond that to investing in various economic activities and sectors.

Al-Dosari added, in exclusive statements to Qatar News Agency (QNA), that there are four main factors behind the growing participation of women in the economic field and the establishment of their commercial entities and investment projects, most notably: supporting the wise leadership to empower women in various fields, enacting laws and legislation that stimulate investment, and the availability of investment opportunities feasible, preparing and training girls to learn business management and raising awareness of opportunities and project risks, which strengthened the role of women in economic and commercial decisions and increased their participation in the field of investment.

It is worth noting that gender equality and women’s empowerment are basic and pivotal pillars in the State of Qatar National Vision 2030, which has given great attention to the issue of empowering women and enhancing their capabilities, ensuring that they enjoy their rights at work, empowering women to participate in economic activities, providing decent work, and enhancing social protection for them.

Qatar is at the forefront of countries defending women's rights and ensuring their economic empowerment.

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