Keshta Exhibition Kicks Off at Simaisma and Al-Daayen Youth Center

  • Publish date: Saturday، 01 October 2022
Keshta Exhibition Kicks Off at Simaisma and Al-Daayen Youth Center

On Wednesday, September 28, the activities of the eleventh edition of the “Keshta” exhibition of land and sea trip supplies and camping equipment, organized by the Simaisma and Al-Daayen Youth Center kicked off.

About 55 companies specializing in the sale of supplies for land trips, snipers, cruises, and camping equipment related to the Qatari heritage and locally manufactured, participate in the exhibition, which will continue until October 7th.

This year's edition of the exhibition is characterized by wide participation by various state authorities, including the Ministry of Municipality and the Ministry of Sports and Youth represented by the Qatar Youth Council, in addition to a number of productive families that sell various popular products and foods.

In this context, Fawaz Al-Misifari, Director of Youth Affairs at the Ministry of Sports and Youth, confirmed in statements to Qatar News Agency (QNA) that the "Keshta" exhibition is a major destination for enthusiasts of land and sea trips and hunters' enthusiasts, and all the main supplies needed by "Keshta”, and hunters are available.

He explained that the exhibition's continuation for the eleventh year in a row is clear evidence of its success and meeting the citizens' desires and aspirations to obtain various tools at reasonable prices, especially as it is one of the comprehensive exhibitions in which all journey supplies are available.

"The Keshta exhibition was launched in 2012, with the aim of promoting local industries and opening new horizons for young people to produce and invest in this field," he added, pointing out that Qatari youth were able to present distinct local industries during this exhibition and meet the needs of trips.

Al-Misifi pointed out that the Ministry of Sports and Youth is participating in the Keshta exhibition in a special pavilion of the Qatar Youth Council.

This pavilion aims to introduce visitors to the exhibition about the role of the Qatar Youth Council, which is a link between youth and the Ministry and is concerned with conveying their voices to the concerned authorities.

The Director of the Department of Youth Affairs added, "The importance of the exhibition comes because it is linked to the Qatari culture and heritage, in addition to that it serves the residents of the northern regions and the campers and wilderness enthusiasts through the presence of all camping supplies in one place."

On the sidelines of the exhibition, activities and entertainment programs for children will be held in the outdoor arena, in addition to distributing free agricultural seedlings of trees and plants to visitors of the exhibition after registering at the Ministry's pavilion at the exhibition.

A number of participants and visitors to the exhibition confirmed that it is in continuous development in each version, explaining that holding this exhibition annually in conjunction with the start of the winter camping season meets the needs of residents and campers in the northern regions, noting that the prices are affordable for everyone and commensurate with the citizens.

It is noteworthy that the tenth edition of the "Keshta" exhibition was held in 2021 and witnessed the participation of 50 companies.

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