Women-Only Activities in Qatar

  • Publish date: Friday، 23 September 2022
Women-Only Activities in Qatar

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Why should boys have all the fun?"? There are a lot of intriguing things for women to do in their free time here in Qatar.

Special Ladies Café

Women-Only Activities in Qatar

Recently, the first and only women's café of its kind opened in Qatar. The beautiful interior design at Special Ladies Café creates a nice atmosphere for your gatherings. They provide delicious food, desserts, and much more. Additionally, there are several seating configurations. You will also receive assistance from a female-only crew. The café is open to kids as well. At this café, women can organize brunches, lunches, breakfasts, and parties while having a great time.

Oxygen Park 

Women-Only Activities in Qatar

Every Monday and Tuesday, a ladies-only night is held in Oxygen Park. Go outside and spend the evening engaging in a variety of physical activities like cycling, running, and jogging. It's usually a good idea to go outside occasionally and exercise. A pleasant evening jog can be exactly what you need as the weather in Qatar began to quietly chill off!

Ladies-only Beaches 

Women-Only Activities in Qatar

Women's wants and preferences are properly catered to in Qatar because they are an integral component of society. The nation also features serene ladies-only beaches that make for the greatest weekend retreats from the rush of your everyday schedules. Simaisma Beach, Mamlaha Beach, and Al Farkiah Beach are a few of the beaches. Restrooms, barbecue grills, play areas, cafeterias, guard rooms, umbrellas, and other amenities are among those offered at these beaches. Entry to the Mamlaha beach is QAR 25 for women and QAR 5 for kids. Boys older than 6 are not permitted in Mamlaha Beach. Only children under the age of ten are permitted at Al Farkiah beach. On Sundays and Wednesdays, Al Farkiah beach is ladies-only from 7 am to 10 pm. The admission cost at Simaisma Beach is QAR 50 per vehicle.

Bounce Qatar

Women-Only Activities in Qatar

Every Wednesday, Bounce Qatar hosts a ladies-only night. Enjoy some energizing movements at Bounce Qatar, the best trampoline park. They also employ only females. Flip, freestyle, or just take in the playful atmosphere. Prices for adults start at QAR 100 for an hour and QAR 80 for children.

Dessert Falls Water and Adventure Park 

Women-Only Activities in Qatar

Wednesdays at Dessert Falls are water park days. Till September 28, 2022, the fun day is reserved for women alone. The entrance cost is QAR 150 for kids and QAR 195 for adults (over 1.2 m) (below 1.2 m). Boys who are younger than eight years old are also welcome. Limited capacity is available due to existing COVID-19 constraints; therefore, online purchasing is necessary.

Location: Abu Samra

Contact: +974 44236416

Timing: Wednesday: 7 pm – 11 pm 

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