Fine Arts Education Centers in Qatar

  • Publish date: Friday، 03 June 2022
Fine Arts Education Centers in Qatar
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There are many fine arts education centers in Qatar, some of which you can go to take lessons in the traditional way, and some of them are advanced centers. In other words, you use distance education “Online”. But, in both cases, you can get professional and distinguished courses that will enable you to enter the world of fine art.

Private Tutor Center for Fine Arts Education

Fine Arts Education Centers in Qatar

This center is located in the capital, Doha, and offers a variety of educational courses, whether to study them closely according to the traditional method. Or you can study it remotely through your mobile phone, or your laptop. This center is specialized in training university students or graduates from the disciplines of architecture and fine arts.

This center offers a course in the field of design foundations for students of fine arts and architecture or graduates from them. The duration of this course is approximately 30 training hours divided into 10 lectures or educational sessions. Meanwhile, the center has limited the duration of the lecture to approximately three hours, in which the lecturer will give sufficient and adequate information on the topic of the session.

It is worth noting that the courses offered by the Private Tutor Center are accredited courses in which the trainee obtains accredited certificates after completing them. Apart from that, the training can be in both Arabic and English.

Qatar Fine Arts Association

Fine Arts Education Centers in Qatar

The decision to establish this association was issued in the eighties of the last century, specifically in 1980, With the aim of raising the scientific, technical, and professional level in the field of fine arts. One of the main objectives of this association is to preserve the creators and develop their skills, and then encourage them and connect them to the real world of art.

This association is not only satisfied with spreading the culture of art in Qatar, but also works in cooperation with several international associations in this field, in addition to attending conferences and international symposia, and offers valuable incentive prizes to those creative people who produce distinguished artistic products.

If you want to enter this association, all you have to do is contact them to join. However, this association requires a number of conditions to be a member of its family. It is to be a Qatari citizen and to be at least 18 years old. In addition, it is concerned with the good behavior of the member and stipulates that within the conditions. Furthermore, you must agree to the association's bylaws, and get the recommendation of two of its members to ensure dealings with it.

Finally, there are many fine arts education centers in Qatar, some of which use an academic system such as a private teacher center, and some of which use a free system to provide information, such as the system of associations, such as the Qatar association for Fine Arts.

You have to choose from it what suits your qualifications, level, and educational attainment.