FIFA Releases "Al Hilm" the Official Ball for Semi-final and Final

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 13 December 2022
FIFA Releases "Al Hilm" the Official Ball for Semi-final and Final

FIFA unveiled "Al Hilm", the Official Match Ball for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM semifinals and championship, which was introduced by Adidas.

"Al Rihla," or "The Journey," was the Official Match Ball of the group stages. Al Hilm, which translates to "The Dream" in Arabic, comes next.

Al Hilm, which translates to "The Dream" in Arabic, uses the same groundbreaking Adidas Connected Ball technology as Al Rihla, or "The Journey," which has been instrumental in assisting match officials in making quicker and more accurate decisions during this World Cup. Al Hilm is the Arabic word for "The Dream" and uses the most recent technological advancements in ball design. Together with player position information, the invention gives video match officials quick data to aid in decision-making and enhance the fan experience.

The new technology supports the semi-automated offside system by merging the ball data collected by IMU sensors inside the ball and utilizing artificial intelligence, particularly by delivering the precise moment the ball is played in congested offside scenarios.

"With the development of the connected ball technology, Adidas made it feasible that an additional significant layer of information is available to the video match officials," said Johannes Holzmuller, Director of Football Technology and Innovation at FIFA. In addition, he said, "the data from the ball provides fresh insights for storytelling around the special moments on the field during the 2018 World Cup."

Al Hilm is the first FIFA World Cup semi-finals and final ball created using exclusively water-based inks and glues. The ball was also built with the environment at its core. All components have been carefully researched.

The design is based on a delicate triangular pattern in a textured gold color that is inspired by the Qatari flag, the color of the FIFA World Cup trophy, and the region's glittering deserts that surround the city of Doha.

According to Adidas General Manager of Football Nick Craggs, "Al Hilm is a shining example of how sports, specifically football, can unite people from all over the world. Millions of viewers will tune in from practically every nation in the world, united by their love of the sport, we wish all teams competing in the tournament's final stages the best of luck as they battle on the biggest stage that football has to offer."

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