Calendar for Next Four Academic Years Approved

  • Publish date: Thursday، 26 January 2023
Calendar for Next Four Academic Years Approved

The calendar for the next four academic years 2023/2024-2026-2027 was approved on January 25, by the Minister of Education and Higher Education H.E. Buthaina bint Ali Al Jabu Al Nuaimi.

On August 27, students will return to school for the academic year 2023/2024. The full academic calendar for the next four years can be viewed in Arabic here.

Academic year 2023/2024

Students will return to school on August 27. The mid-term break for this year will start on December 28, 2023. School staff holidays will begin from June 30, 2024, until August 22, 2024.  

Academic year 2024-2025

Students will return to school on September 1, 2024. The mid-term break will start on December 2, 2024. School employees will have their holidays starting from  July 6, 2025, until August 21, 2025.  

Academic year 2025-2026

Students will begin school on August 31, 2025. The mid-term break will begin on December 28, 2025. School staff will have their vacations from  July 1, 2026, until August 20, 2026. 

Academic year 2026-2027

Students will start school on August 30, 2026. The midterm break will start on December 27, 2026, and the school staff holidays will begin on June 4, 2027, and end on August 19, 2027.  

The following have been prioritized for the next four academic years:

  • Balancing school days according to international standards.
  • A proper vacation period must be provided for both teachers and students. 
  • The second-round exams are to be scheduled at the start of the school year, instead of being scheduled during summer break. 
  • Investing in the first week of the first semester by designation three days for staff training and profession development. 
  • Allocating the first day (Sunday) of the second semester to employee training and professional enhancement of employees, meaning students will return to school on Monday after the mid-year break.
  •  The second semester's midterm vacation is to be cancelled, nonetheless, it will be replaced by the first semester's midterm vacation (a week in October). This vacation will be right after the midterm exams to allow teachers and students some time to relax. This change is to be made because the second semester includes many official holidays, including both  Eid holidays.
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