Losail Circuit Upgraded in Preparation for October F1 Race

  • Publish date: Sunday، 28 May 2023
Losail Circuit Upgraded in Preparation for October F1 Race

Qatar joined the 2021 F1 calendar as a replacement for canceled events and secured a 10-year deal with F1 starting in 2023, skipping 2022 due to the FIFA World Cup. To overcome challenges faced during the initial event, Qatar has constructed a new pit and paddock complex, added tunnels, and improved access and parking facilities.

“The World Cup was finished already in 2022,” said Amro Al-Hamad, CEO of the Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation and the Losail circuit. “We are the new World Cup for the next 10 years.

"We've collected a lot of lessons learned during the World Cup. All the departments, and all the authorities in the state of Qatar are eager to actually come and help us out with all that they collected during that period."

As part of the construction work, Qatar is building a new race control facility, media center, and larger pit garages. The F1 paddock is being designed to be state-of-the-art, taking inspiration from lessons learned from circuits worldwide.

"The pit boxes are now suitable for F1 racing, opposite to the ones that we had for MotoGP in the past. We have 50 boxes. I don't think that anybody else within the F1 calendar has that number of pit boxes."

The upgrades also extend to the team buildings, which have been completely transformed. The number of tunnels has increased from one to four, designed for the entrance and exit of spectators. Additionally, the circuit has been resurfaced, while the track layout remains unchanged.

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