How To Get Your Driving License in Qatar

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 28 June 2022
How To Get Your Driving License in Qatar

The main condition for driving a car in Qatar is to hold an unexpired driver’s license certificate, which is obtained from the Traffic Directorate, bearing in mind that driving without a valid license is a criminal offense that requires severe penalties for violating the law.

In order to obtain a driving license in Qatar, the applicant must pass the theoretical and practical tests, where the theoretical test is in Arabic on traffic rules, signs, and principles of car mechanics.

After the applicant succeeds in the theoretical test, he will be given a practical test in which his ability to drive is checked in all circumstances, bearing in mind that the test is conducted on a vehicle of the type for which he was applied for a driver's license.

Types of driving licenses in Qatar:

  • Motorcycle driving license.

  • Private car driving license.

  • A military driving license is only for military vehicles used by members of the armed forces.
  • General driving license for all types of cars.
  • A license to drive agricultural and construction vehicles, to drive tractors, and heavy equipment used in agricultural matters.

Documents required for Qataris:

An application for a driving certificate is submitted to the Traffic Department located in Khalifa City, where the validity of the certificate is 10 years, noting that to obtain the license, the applicant must be residing in the State of Qatar, and must be at least 18 years old.

The documents required for submission:

  • ID card and a copy of it.

  • 3 colored personal photos.

Documents required for non-Qataris:

If the applicant holds a driver's license from his country, he will be transferred to a driving school to take a test to assess his ability to drive. After passing the test, a Qatari driving license will be issued. If the applicant fails to pass the test, he will be transferred by requesting a license under education to the approved driving schools in the country.

The documents required for submission:

  • Passport or ID card and a copy of it.

  • Copy of the sponsor's ID card (in the case of personal sponsorship).

  • A letter of approval from the sponsor to obtain a new license.
  • 3 recent colored personal photos

Fees for obtaining a driving license in Qatar

Fees for Qatari citizens are estimated at 500 Qatari riyals and are valid for 10 years from the date of issuance of the certificate, while fees for non-Qataris are 250 Qatari riyals for a period of 5 years, these fees are not inclusive of the fee of any other tests, in addition, the driver's license must be renewed before its expiry date, and failure to renew it leads to legal accountability. Noting that the renewal is simply done electronically.

In case of the card is lost or damaged, a replacement driving license can be obtained for a lost one through the website of the Ministry of Interior.

This service is directed to all citizens, whether residents or Qataris, provided they possess a smart card, noting that the renewal application must be submitted only six months before the expiry of the current license or upon its expiry.

How to apply electronically:

  • Login to the e-service portal is done through the smart card.

  • Then, “traffic services” will be selected, then “driving licenses” and then “issuance of a damaged/lost driving license.”

  • Then choose the license for the person or one of his employees.
  • After that, the data for the license to be issued is reviewed.
  • Determine the method of receiving the new license.
  • Finally, you must pay the fees and print the payment receipt.
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