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Dubai: 12.3 Thousand Citizen Drivers with NO Traffic Violations

  • Publish date: Sunday، 13 November 2022
Dubai: 12.3 Thousand Citizen Drivers with NO Traffic Violations
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The Acting Director of the General Traffic Department at Dubai Police revealed that the total number of citizens committed to safe driving, who were not registered for any traffic violations during the past year, amounted to 12,351 drivers, an increase of 161% over the last session held in the white points system in 2019 before it stopped for two years due to the Corona pandemic.

The number of ideal drivers in the youth category, belonging to the age group from 18 to 30 years, was about 25,000 drivers.

There is a state of increased awareness among members of society in general about traffic etiquette and rules, which was clearly reflected in the ideal drivers’ index, as it reached 244,446 committed drivers registered with the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai, compared to 175,896 drivers in 2021, and 137,269 ​​committed drivers in 2020, and 87,562 ideal drivers in 2019.

It is noteworthy that Dubai Police recently announced that 4,600 drivers won the white points awards, out of a total of 244,446 perfect drivers who did not commit any traffic violations during the past year, an increase of 2257% compared to the number of committed drivers in the first cycle of the award in 2013.

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