Did You Know that Qatar Has the Highest Percentage of Short Sleepers?

  • Publish date: Friday، 01 September 2023
Did You Know that Qatar Has the Highest Percentage of Short Sleepers?

If you live in Qatar and you are not getting enough sleep, it is no surprise because Qatar topped the charts for having the highest percentage of short sleepers at 36.64%.

The research was conducted by PlushCare who utilized data from the SleepCycle website to calculate the percentage of long sleepers, short sleepers, and sleepers who get the recommended hours.

Long sleepers are those who get more than ten hours of sleep, while short sleepers are those who get less than five hours of sleep.

Sleepers who get seven to nine hours of sleep per night are getting the recommended hours, which is healthy. 

However, the percentage of short sleepers in Qatar accounts for a third of the country's population, which is very concerning.

Other countries from the Middle East also featured in the top ranks of the chart.

Saudi Arabia secured the second position at 32.24%, while Iran ranked third with 29.39%.

Another Gulf country that featured in the chart was Kuwait in fourth position with 28.67%.

Jordan ranked sixth with 26.54% and Egypt at seventh with 24.82%.

The researchers at PlushCare attributed these numbers to people extending their social hours into the night during the month of Ramadan.

Although Gulf countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait reduce working hours during the holy month, it still does not seem to help people get the recommended hours of sleep.

Qatar also topped the charts for the lowest percentage of people getting the recommended hours of sleep with 42.64%.

The country that has the highest percentage of people getting the recommended amount of sleep is the Netherlands at 77.05% and the average amount of time that the Dutch sleep for is eight hours and twelve minutes.

And if you're curious about which country has the highest percentage of long sleepers, then you don't have to guess too hard because it is Australia with 8.6%.

According to the research, Australians are probably in this top position because they tend to go to bed early, however, they do not wake up very early, which is why they have the highest number of long sleepers. 

Other factors that contribute to Qatar's high number of short-sleepers are unknown, nonetheless, the high percentage of short-sleepers should motivate people living in the country to adopt a healthier sleeping schedule. 

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