Ashghal: 4 Pedestrian Tunnels Linking the 2 Sides of Corniche

  • Publish date: Monday، 03 October 2022
Ashghal: 4 Pedestrian Tunnels Linking the 2 Sides of Corniche

The Public Works Authority “Ashghal” is working in full swing to finalize the package of projects according to the time plan set for it, especially with the approach of Qatar hosting the 2022 World Cup.

The final touches were put on the implementation of the final works of many road and cosmetic projects that took place in various regions of the country, especially the downtown area of Doha and the Corniche.

Engineer Hassan Al-Ghanim, Head of the External Expressways Department at the Public Works Authority, confirmed, during his speech to the Qatari newspaper, "Al-Sharq", that Ashghal's projects and the Supervising Committee of Beautification of Roads and Public Places in the country will continue on the Corniche Road, which is scheduled to be completed soon.

Al-Ghanim stressed that work has been done to implement safe paths for road users and pedestrians that facilitate access to the Corniche without any risks, linking the Corniche area with each other through multiple and modern means of transportation, in addition to linking the neighboring areas to each other through connected and safe paths, especially the Corniche area that will be built to connect its ends to safe paths for pedestrians and bicycles.

In addition to the construction of 4 pedestrian tunnels linking the two sides of the Corniche to each other.

In addition, paths and crossings for pedestrians and bicycles have been provided, linking all vital centers in the region, shading them with trees and providing them with benches and lighting poles, this enhances the movement of pedestrians between the Corniche and the side connected to the tunnels, it also contributes to enhancing the importance of sports and the use of alternative means of transportation for cars.

As well as implementing bicycle paths so that they are connected and safe without interruption so that cyclists can move between squares and tunnels and between the Corniche and the city of Doha without the need to stop.

In addition to establishing pedestrian and bicycle paths in the Doha Center area.

And the construction of car parks on the waterfront of the Doha Corniche can accommodate more than 3,200 cars, while the parking lots facing the Corniche can accommodate more than 4,500 cars, in addition to spaces for gardens, parking spaces, and parking spaces parallel to the road as well.

Ashghal ruled out the idea of constructing pedestrian bridges on Corniche Road because it affects the aesthetic view of one of the most beautiful and important areas in the country and replaced it with the idea of constructing underground tunnels that would be safer for pedestrians and more enjoyable for them as well and allow them to move at any time without risks or obstruction to traffic on the road, and the tunnels are not just a means of transit only, as green spaces have been created in front of the pedestrian tunnels to encourage pedestrians to use the tunnels and spend fun times in those squares.