Al Daayeen Health District Is a Revolution in Medical World of Qatar

  • Publish date: Friday، 20 May 2022
Al Daayeen Health District Is a Revolution in Medical World of Qatar

The State of Qatar seeks to develop the health sector, making it one of the most advanced health sectors in the region, by utilizing modern medical technologies, which is evident in the current and future projects implemented by the state.

In this context, the International Architecture Office revealed the design of a new medical edifice in Al Daayen City, commissioned by Hamad Medical Corporation, and the International Architectural Office published a video of the prototype of Al Daayen Medical Hospital on its social media accounts.

Al Daayen Medical City will be the most modern in the world with its advanced medical facilities and contents

Located on a 1.3 million square meter site between Qatar University and the new city of Lusail, Al Daayen Hospital offers a new coexistence between architecture and medical sciences, containing a Class III teaching hospital, women, and children’s hospital, and a mobile diagnostic center, with a total capacity of 1,200 beds.

Medical facilities occupy the first floor, and family suites are located on the first floor; This reduces reliance on elevators and allows patients to enjoy the complex's extensive gardens, which are treatment spaces with a long history in Islamic medical architecture. The prefab modular cross-shaped units can be reconfigured and expanded on-site; This significantly reduces the cost of future adaptations.

It also provides a high-tech farm of food and medicinal plants for the local production of medicines. All supporting facilities are connected to the hospitals by an automated underground circulation system.

The hospital can be built at low cost with minimal dependence on global financial imports, and this aims to establish the building itself as a prototype that can be adopted globally as an alternative to the mainstream hospital models developed in the West.

It is worth noting that the city of Al Daayen is the seventh municipality in order according to the order of the municipalities affiliated to the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning in Qatar; As the ranking is Doha Municipality, then Al Rayyan, then Al Wakrah, then Umm Salal, then Al Khor, then Al Thakhira, then Al Shamal.

In the last decade, Qatar has witnessed the great urban expansion and massive population growth. Al Daayen Municipality was built, which was approved by His Highness the Amir in 2004 AD., and made it under the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning.

Al Daayen municipality contains many areas, including: Ibb, Wadi Al Banat, Leabaib, Al Kheesa, Rawdat Al Hamama, Wadi Lusail, Umm Qarn, Jeryan Jneihat, Wadi Al Wisa’ah, Al Sakamah, Al Masrouhiya, Lusail Reserve, Al Daayen, Simaisma, Al Jaryan, Tanbek and Halat Uber. Ras Al-Nakh, Wadi Al-Awira, Al-Rahiya, and Jerry Al-Matrooshi.

Al Daayen is distinguished from other cities in Qatar by its many landmarks and prominent sites, such as: Lusail Shooting Club, Public Services Complex, Lusail Public Circuit, and Al Khor Airport.

The administrative building of Al Daayen Municipality is located in the Umm Qarn area near the Sumaisma Bridge. Several departments and units belong to the municipality to serve the people of the area and to ensure internal organization and security. Among these departments and units are Customer Service Office, Technical Affairs Department Office, Services Administration Office, Municipal Director’s Office, and Office Municipal Control Department, and Public Affairs Department.

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