What is The New Social Insurance Law of Qatar?

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 04 January 2023
What is The New Social Insurance Law of Qatar?

A senior official was quoted by Qatar News Agency (QNA) as saying that a new social insurance law that increases insurance coverage to include all residents employed in the private sector came into effect on Tuesday.

In the event that those who are insured experience an accident, disability, aging, injury, or natural death, the new law offers them the required support. According to QNA, in an interview with Customer Management at the General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority (GRSIA) Ali Al-Kuwari, the law adds the housing allowance to the salary of contributions account to include basic salary, social allowance, and housing allowance and permits the civilian pensioners to combine the pension and the job salary in the circumstance that they join the private sector. 

The QNA stated that the most noteworthy benefits offered by the new Social Insurance Law are the elimination of the age restriction for insured women, the reduction of the pension if the resignation is brought on by caring for one or more children (kens) with disabilities, and the assessment of the pension of covered individuals working in the private sector on an average income for the last three years rather than the five years specified by current law.

What is The New Social Insurance Law of Qatar?

For death, disability, and reaching retirement age, Al Kuwari stated that a minimum pension of no less than QR 15,000 will be implemented. The insurance categories will also be widened to cover a wider variety of residents, including Qatari employees working for GCC businesses and organizations.

As of Tuesday, the basic salary plus the social allowance and the housing allowance will be added to the salary of contributions account. Under the new law, the amount of the housing allowance in the government or private sector cannot be more than QR 6000.

Additionally, the law gives employers the ability to register or amend their employee and employer data. Al Kuwari forewarned that if the employer fails to register or subscribe for all or some of its employees or workers, they will be required to pay an additional sum. This is intended to encourage all organizations to make a commitment to providing information and covering their employees' membership costs in order to protect their rights.

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