Qatar: Runaway Domestic Workers Got Arrested

  • Publish date: Monday، 19 June 2023
Qatar: Runaway Domestic Workers Got Arrested

To tackle illegal employment and violations of residency and work regulations, Qatar has taken action against domestic workers who are not complying with the rules.

The Qatar Ministry of Interior has arrested 22 Asian domestic workers for absconding from their employer’s homes to work elsewhere violating the legal act according to the Qatari law.

“The Search and Follow-up Department has successfully apprehended 22 domestic maids from Asian countries during inspection campaigns conducted in various areas, based on reported cases of absconding that were registered with the department,” the ministry tweeted.

As part of a broader ministry-led campaign, Qatar is undertaking measures to address the risks posed by domestic workers leaving their employers' households and seeking employment elsewhere, an action considered illegal in Qatar.

The Ministry is exerting efforts to ensure the tracking of domestic workers who escape their employment; to reduce the crimes associated with such phenomena in society. In addition, the ministry aims to reduce the financial burden that employers will have to carry when such cases happen.

No information has been revealed regarding the identity of the workers arrested, however, the statement said the apprehended women will now face further legal proceedings after being handed over to the Public Prosecution.

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