LaLiga Extends its Presence to Qatar Ahead of The World Cup

  • Publish date: Saturday، 24 September 2022
LaLiga Extends its Presence to Qatar Ahead of The World Cup

While it's difficult to lose great players, LaLiga's spokesman assured that the league's present and future will remain bright.

The Spanish league said that many activations will begin immediately before the commencement of the football extravaganza in Qatar for the 2022–2023 LaLiga season.

Alvaro Paya, the agent of LaLiga in Qatar, revealed that a brand-new lounge with a Spanish motif will open there, guaranteeing fans a strange experience.

The lounge would reportedly have an interactive digital experience, Spanish finger tapas, and a sports viewing environment.

"The concept is to establish a 24-hour sports entertainment venue for all sports, not just football matches. For people who live in Qatar, this location will serve as their primary sports gathering place, according to Paya.

Although the location and name of the lounge have not yet been revealed, LaLiga anticipates that its setting will be unique compared to other lounges in the nation and even in the GCC.

Paya continued, "It's going to be really different from what people often think of as sports bars; it's more about the experience than just watching sports."

As the salesperson put it, "you take out your phone and take a picture, that's what you're going to do" in the lounge.

Prior to this, La Liga opened a "special" lounge at Hotel Park Doha that catered specifically to followers of football leagues.

The first LaLiga Lounge in the world, which debuted in 2017, is no longer open. It was shut down for unknown reasons a year ago.

Millions of football fans from around the world are anticipated to converge on the Gulf state for the biggest athletic event on the planet, and the Spanish league anticipates maintaining a strong presence during the World Cup.

Global presence growing

The LaLiga representative in Qatar unveiled the season's highlights earlier this month at an occasion called "What Happens in LaLigastays with you."

Paya announced the start of the countdown to the inaugural Middle East World Cup in a statement to local media in Doha.

"I am thrilled to be in Qatar at a time when the final preparations for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, which will unquestionably be an amazing championship, are taking place," the author said.

The timetables of various football leagues have been impacted by Qatar's Winter World Cup, including those of the Spanish teams, who will suspend their season on November 9 and resume play at the end of the year.

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