See Who Is The First Arab Competing in World Yo-Yo Championship

  • Publish date: Thursday، 10 August 2023
See Who Is The First Arab Competing in World Yo-Yo Championship

Hamad Al Mansouri of Qatar is set to break records as the first Arab athlete to compete in the World Professional Yo-Yo Championship 2023.

This competition, which will take place starting August 17th to 20th in Osaka, Japan, a hub for yo-yo lovers, is shaping up to be a captivating showcase of the sport's progression over time.

His story began with a spark of inspiration. “I started playing yoyo after watching the televised yoyo show as a child,” Al Mansouri told Doha News, referencing the televised yoyo show ‘Blazing Teens by Auldey.’

Captivated by the gravity-defying moves and intricate tricks, he recalled, “I figured I could become a professional player myself.”

To him, the quest was about breaking down obstacles as much as learning the art.

Now, he prepares to fly to Japan to represent the Arab region.

“[It] is a feeling I always thought was unachievable because of how the high level of honour it is related to, but today I have to be the person taking the lead and I am feeling privileged to have this responsibility,” he said.

The Far East and the West have historically dominated the yo-yoing world.

However, Al Mansouri’s joining he championship, will aspire Arab and Middle Eastern players to also embark on the global arena.

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