Qatar National Vision 2030

  • Publish date: Friday، 15 April 2022
Qatar National Vision 2030

Every time an event takes place in Qatar, the phrase "Qatar National Vision 2030" comes up. So, what is Qatar National Vision 2030?

Qatar National Vision 2030 is the roadmap for transforming Qatar into an advanced society capable of achieving sustainable development with the aim of providing a high standard of living for all citizens by 2030.

The Goals of Qatar National Vision 2030

1- Providing a framework within which national strategies and means of implementation can be developed.

2- Directing government strategies, policies, and plans as well as allocating revenue and resources toward achieving a unified goal.

3-Directing private sector companies and individuals to a common goal.

Qatar National Vision 2030

Facing Challenges

Qatar National Vision deals with five major challenges facing Qatar:

1-Striking a balance between development and preservation of tradition.

2-Meeting the needs of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow.

3-Managing Economic Growth.

4-Maintaining a balance between Qataris and foreigners.

5-Advanced Environmental Stewardship.

Qatar National Vision 2030

Qatar National Vision foresees development in four interrelated pillars:

1- Human Development 

-Transition to a knowledge-based economy:

Although Qatar has benefited greatly from oil and gas resources, it continues to expand in building a knowledge-based economy. Believing that education is the first criterion, Qatar is working hard to develop its educational system to match the best systems in the world and in some cases even surpass them. In this regard, Qatar Foundation is leading many reforms in post-secondary education, as well as in the field of scientific research, and in the cultural and intellectual fields.

-Building a world-class healthcare system:

Because the prosperity of any country depends primarily on the health of its people, Qatar aims to develop a comprehensive and effective health care system that meets the best international standards and is available to all citizens at affordable prices. The Ministry of Public Health, Hamad Medical Corporation, and the Primary Health Care Corporation are the main bodies responsible for implementing the plans aimed at achieving this goal.

Qatar National Vision 2030

2-Social development

This pillar reflects the social changes necessary for the advancement of Qatari society, as it instills in the citizens the need to be flexible enough to meet the requirements of the future while maintaining family cohesion.

The main aspects of Qatar's social development strategy are as follows:

- Preserving Qatar's heritage and promoting its Arab and Islamic identity.

- Building a safe and stable society.

- Promoting the spirit of tolerance and openness to others.

- Promoting the role of women.

- Providing high-quality services that meet the needs and desires of the people.

Qatar National Vision 2030

3- Economical development

Stable and acceptable rates of economic growth would help ensure a high standard of living for citizens not only today but also for future generations. Some of the features of financial and economic stability are a low level of inflation, the adoption of a sound fiscal policy, and a safe and effective financial system.

Effective long-term management of Qatar's hydrocarbon resources is an essential component of successful sustainable economic development, and this requires striking the right balance between energy use and economic diversification. The oil and gas sector will continue to play a pivotal role in the Qatari economy, contributing significantly to the country's development.

4-Environmental development

This pillar stresses the importance of striking a balance between economic growth and environmental preservation. In light of the dwindling of global water and hydrocarbon resources and the increasing effects of environmental pollution, the need for more cooperation between Qatar, its regional neighbors, and the international community to protect the environment is increasing.

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