Qatar Is a Nice Place for Investors to Live

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 13 July 2022
Qatar Is a Nice Place for Investors to Live

Qatar is steadfastly devoted to fostering economic expansion, diversification, and the creation of fresh opportunities for foreign investment. Since Qatar has a top-notch business and investment climate, there is enormous growth potential in all areas of the economy, according to an official.

During a recent Qatar-Norway Business Meeting organized by the Qatar Chamber at its headquarters, Yanal Qatami, Senior Executive of Investor Relations, Investment Promotion Agency Qatar (IPA Qatar), shared in a presentation the business environment in Qatar additions granted to investors as well as how IPA Qatar can help Norwegian investors.

Qatar is a desirable place to live for investors due to its excellent healthcare system, first-rate educational system, and family-friendly neighborhoods. The International Promotion Agency (IPA Qatar) was established in 2019. All foreign direct investments (FDI) that are brought into Qatar come through us. We make an effort to provide all foreign investors with as much assistance, information, and support as possible. We connect clients with licensing platforms that offer 100% ownership once we have their interest in possible investors.

In citing the list of licensing platforms, Qatami pointed out that MoCI offers 100 percent ownership in some sectors, Qatar Financial Center (QFC), which is for professional services, and Qatar Free Zone Authority, which owns and manages two cutting-edge free zones, are the second and third.

He emphasized that connecting investors with the appropriate shareholders is part of our mandate. "Qatar has much more than 85 different nationalities and is the second-largest LNG exporter in the world. Our average GDP growth in non-hydrocarbon sectors is 5.5 percent, and we have developed industries like fintech, media, tourism, sports, and manufacturing. We also have a very high human development index. For Qatar to diversify its economy in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030, this is a crucial issue.

Qatar's export-to-import trade balance is quite positive, and there has been tremendous expansion in terms of prospects across several industries. Infrastructure and logistics have shown significant growth in the last few years.

He also mentioned financial services, which are provided by Qatar Financial Centre, technological advancement in business, as well as tourism professional services, and agriculture.

Qatami elaborated, "Qatar is one of the most stable, robust, and competitive economies in the world. Foreign investors find it easy to conduct business there. The business and investment climate in the nation is first-rate. In terms of logistics, Qatar is very ideally situated in the Middle East with access to various continents around the world. It is a very dynamic and knowledge-based economy.

Majed Ali Al Amari, Qatar Financial Centre, also spoke at the occasion and touched on Qatar's business-friendly environment. "QFC has shared the 2030 Vision with all national stakeholders since its founding," he declared. The bilateral connections between Qatar and Norway are excellent, and as of the end of May 2022, there were 8 Norwegian businesses operating under the Qatar Financial Centre.

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