Qatar Evacuates 23rd Group of Wounded Palestinians From Gaza

Humanitarian Efforts Continue as Qatar Extends Lifeline to Victims of Gaza Conflict

  • Publish date: Sunday، 28 April 2024
Qatar Evacuates 23rd Group of Wounded Palestinians From Gaza

In a continued display of solidarity and compassion, Qatar has evacuated the 23rd group of wounded Palestinians from Gaza to Doha on Saturday, as part of Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani’s initiative to provide medical treatment for those affected by the ongoing conflict in the region.

The latest evacuation, confirmed by Qatar's foreign ministry, underscores the Gulf state's unwavering commitment to alleviating the suffering of Palestinians amidst Israel’s genocidal war on the Strip. Those evacuated included individuals holding Qatari identification.

Lolwah Al-Khater, Qatar’s Minister of State for International Cooperation, warmly welcomed the arrivals, emphasizing the nation's steadfast support for the Palestinian people in their time of need.

"The initiative of treating the injured Palestinians comes within the unwavering support of the State of Qatar and its steadfast efforts to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian brothers in the Gaza Strip," stated Doha’s foreign ministry.

Among those evacuated were severely wounded children, including Sanad Al Arabi, Aya Adham Kullab, and Rasha Alwan, whose harrowing stories have garnered international attention. One-year-old Sanad, who lost 10 family members in an Israeli attack, underwent extensive facial surgery and limb amputation.

The plight of Aya, less than two years old, resonated widely as her family sought urgent medical intervention for a large hematoma. Despite their hardships, Al-Khater described Aya as a resilient and joyful child.

Rasha's case highlighted the dire medical needs in Gaza, where access to healthcare is severely limited. Al-Khater expressed anguish over the preventable suffering endured by many in the region.

Sheikh Tamim's initiative, announced in December 2023, aims to sponsor orphans and provide medical treatment for injured Palestinians. Qatar has already evacuated over 1,500 individuals from Gaza, offering comprehensive care and support at a designated facility in Doha.

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