Online Shopping Platform ‘Baladi Express’ Launched

  • Publish date: Sunday، 18 June 2023
Online Shopping Platform ‘Baladi Express’ Launched

A dazzling ceremony held at the Velero Hotel in Lusail on June 17th, saw the inauguration of Souq Al Baladi's online shopping platform, "Baladi Express," providing a significant boost to Qatar's e-commerce business.

The "Baladi Express" features a selection of brands with over 150,000 items, including deliveries from more than 3,000 restaurants throughout Qatar, with the goal of making online shopping simpler for Qataris.

Baladi Express is a delivery service for all necessities, including food, fresh produce, clothing, flowers, and other items.

Joan Laporta, president of FC Barcelona, and Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Attiyah, chairman of Al Baladi Holding Group, were present at the inauguration event.

Commenting on the launch of ‘Baladi Express’, Al Baladi Holding Group Chairman Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Attiyah said, “We have launched Baladi Express with a promise to make it the Arabic equivalent of Amazon and Alibaba. It is a new e-commerce platform born from the renowned Souq al Baladi, a subsidiary of the al Baladi Group. Our mission is to grow and thrive as a local and regional online retail brand.”

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