DFI's Qumra Begins with Message of Solidarity for Gaza

  • Publish date: Saturday، 02 March 2024
DFI's Qumra Begins with Message of Solidarity for Gaza

The Doha Film Institute (DFI) launched its 10th Qumra talent and project incubator event with a powerful message of solidarity for Gaza amid the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Attended by 200 international industry professionals, the Qatari event aims to nurture 40 projects by emerging filmmakers. DFI CEO Fatma Hassan Al Remaihi highlighted the importance of amplifying voices against oppression, particularly in light of recent events in Gaza.

"While we celebrate the progress that we have made in nurturing new voices in cinema, we are also confronted with the genocide in Gaza and the ongoing attempts to silence the voices crying out against it," said Al Remaihi.

The event features several projects by Palestinian filmmakers, addressing various aspects of life and struggle in the region. Qumra provides a platform for reflection on global issues and the role of cinema in addressing them.

DFI CEO Fatma Hassan Al Remaihi emphasized the responsibility of the global community to ensure all voices are heard and lives are treated with dignity. Her remarks came in the wake of recent violence in Gaza, where hundreds of Palestinians were killed, sparking international outcry.

Among the projects featured at Qumra are Ahmad Saleh's "Trouble Magnet," which follows a teenager's journey from Palestine to Germany, and Mohammed Almughanni's documentary "Son of the Streets," highlighting the plight of stateless children in Beirut refugee camps. Mayar Hamdan and Shaima Al Tamimi's "The Myth of Mahmoud" explores the Palestinian experience in Doha, while Saleh Saadi's TV series "Dyouf" delves into the dynamics of a Bedouin village guesthouse.

DFI Artistic Advisor Elia Suleiman underscored Qumra's role in fostering discussions on genocide and violence worldwide. The event serves as a platform for filmmakers to explore moral and ethical dimensions, encouraging dialogue and reflection on pressing global issues.

Qumra represents DFI's commitment to nurturing diverse voices and fostering meaningful storytelling that resonates with audiences worldwide. 

The event runs from March 1st to 6th, providing a vital space for filmmakers to collaborate, exchange ideas, and ignite meaningful conversations on pressing global issues.

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