Qatar's Labour Ministry Launches E-Service Package for Work Permits

  • Publish date: Sunday، 12 March 2023
Qatar's Labour Ministry Launches E-Service Package for Work Permits
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The Qatari Ministry of Labour has launched a new package of e-services that manage work permits in order to expedite procedures, within its strategy to digitally transform services.

The step aims to provide services to the public without using paper in order to achieve excellence in performance.

The new e-services include a request for a work permit, a request for renewing a work permit, a request for cancelling a work permit, a request for issuing a Labour recruitment approval, a request for renewing the validity of a Labour recruitment approval, and a request for amending a Labour recruitment approval.

They allow establishments to submit a request for work permit to secure a vacancy in the labour market from different categories, including Qatar residents under the sponsorship of their families, citizens of GCC countries, permanent residence permit holders, or investors.

It is also possible for establishments, within the new service, to submit a request to renew a work license and a request to cancel a work license online without the need to pay a visit to the ministry building or service offices. 

The ministry has been working on the digital transformation of more than 80 services since the launch of the Digital Transformation Management Unit in 2022.