ELIE SAAB launches New Boutique in Katara Doha

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 06 December 2022
ELIE SAAB launches New Boutique in Katara Doha

A new store opening in Qatar in association with Ali Bin Ali Fashion marks the continuation of the ELIE SAAB universe's growth.

The store is situated at 21 High St., facing Galeries Lafayette Doha's main entrance, in Doha's Katara Cultural Village, which is known as Qatar's fashion district. The timing of this strategic move coincides with the region's and Qatar's growth as a popular tourism destination.

The ELIE SAAB Group's CEO, Elie Saab Jr., stated: "By opening a boutique in Doha, we further our goal of providing personalized service to our wide range of clients and strengthen our regional presence. We strategically partnered with Ali Bin Ali Fashion, the country's top luxury fashion reference, with whom we have a very long-standing relationship in order to maximize our reach as we continue to expand the ELIE SAAB universe because Qatar has quickly become a global terminus and an essential fashion location."

The trendy store is open to guests and fashion enthusiasts who like to spend some time in its elegant and stylish setting.

The boutique, which is exquisitely created, highlights the ELIE SAAB Maison range while also showcasing the brand's distinctive aesthetic with delicate femininity and enduring attractiveness. Visitors are welcomed through imposing Roman columns into a roomy 340 sq m space raised with warm wood and luxurious marble.

In order to serve our diverse clients, the new showroom includes Ready-to-Wear lines, a designated kids' section, a private bridal salon, and a VIP wing.

General Manager of Ali Bin Ali Fashion Kevin Gerard Pender commented on the new partnership, saying, "We are happy that ELIE SAAB is now a part of Ali Bin Ali Fashion. With this partnership, we are once more able to further our goal of bringing the greatest international fashion to Qatar. I have no doubt that ELIE SAAB and Ali Bin Ali Fashion will work together to provide alluring designs to appease our customers' discerning tastes."

The goal of the ELIE SAAB Boutique in Doha is to increase the brand's visibility in the area and offer a more specialized shopping experience that satisfies the demands of devoted customers.

In addition to its flagship locations in Paris, Beirut, New York, London, and the United Arab Emirates, ELIE SAAB will soon open more international boutiques as part of its aim to foster deeper relationships.