Don't Forget to Visit Al Zubarah Fort

  • Publish date: Saturday، 24 September 2022
Don't Forget to Visit Al Zubarah Fort

Do you wish to become fully immersed in Qatar's past? Al Zubarah Fort, which has now been converted into a museum, allows visitors to travel back in time and learn about the way of life.

At the center of a once-bustling pearl fishing and commerce, the community stands the famous Al Zubarah fort.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site

In 2013, UNESCO designated the Al Zubarah fort and the archaeological site as a World Heritage Site in recognition of their significance in preserving the rich history of early Qatari culture and way of life.

The installation on the fort's left side bears the following inscription:

The inscription attests to Al Zubarah's exceptional worth on a global scale as a pearl-diving and urban trading town, a tradition that supported significant coastal towns in the area from the early Islamic to the early modern era.

Old Cannon

An old cannon is on exhibit by the entryway before you ever reach the fort. The fort and the town were protected by these cannons.

Traditional Arabic building style

The fort has stunning traditional Arabian architecture and one-meter-thick walls to keep off intruders and keep residents cool during the scorching months.

Metal bars were used to secure the timber windows and sliding bolt locks were used to secure the wooden doors.

Additionally, the ventilation holes that were present in the walls are clearly evident. No matter how hot the day is, if you look attentively at them, you can feel a refreshing wind!

the outside area

The fort is a rectangular building with a sizable courtyard. The soldiers would congregate here.

You can see the entire site from here as soon as you enter. Three circulars, one rectangle, and a tower may be found in each of the fort's four corners. There are little exhibitions to examine on each side and tower.

A look into the past

You may see a wall covered with black-and-white images of the deserted Zubarah village to the right of the entryway. Each frame displays the ruins and buildings of the formerly bustling town.

Additionally, there are wooden benches where visitors can unwind and take in the exhibit.

Al Zubarah Fort's well

The Al Zubarah fort well, which may reach a depth of up to ten meters, serves as a year-round source of clean drinking water. To reach the clean water, a hand-dug hole had to be made through hard dammam limestone.

To get drinking water in the past, a wooden bucket was dropped into the well. However, it has been securely barred and is entirely dry today.

Exposing Qatar's History

You may learn more about the artifacts that early Qataris utilized on a daily basis at the Fragments of the Past museum, which is where the history of Qatar continues to be explored.

These include kitchenware from the 18th and 19th centuries, porcelain, coffee cups, and weights used by pearl divers.

A compilation of Zubarah's history and its significance for preserving the history of ancient civilization should be the final stop on your trip.

Al Jumail Fishing Village is a bonus

Just 15 minutes from the Al Zubarah fort, you can visit the abandoned Al Jumail Fishing Village if you feel like you haven't had enough history and want to do some more exploring.

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