3 Asian Teams Qualify for the 16 Round for The First Time in World Cup

  • Publish date: Saturday، 03 December 2022
3 Asian Teams Qualify for the 16 Round for The First Time in World Cup

South Korea's qualification to the 16th round of the World Cup Qatar 2022 gave the Asian continent a record achieved for the first time in the history of the tournament, with the presence of 3 teams from the yellow continent in the knockout rounds.

South Korea was able to qualify for the next round after its deadly victory over Portugal, with two goals to one, in the final round of Group H competitions.

The Korean team finished second with 4 points, ahead of Uruguay on goal difference, behind Portugal, which took the lead with 6 points, with its victory in the first and second rounds over Ghana (3-2) and Uruguay (2-0).

Uruguay was eliminated despite its 2-0 victory over Ghana.

South Korea qualified by scoring 4 goals in the tournament, while Uruguay scored only two goals.

This is after the two teams tied in terms of the difference between scored and conceded goals with a score of 0

Australia was the first Asian team to qualify for the Round of 16, coming second in Group D, with 6 points, after France, which has the same balance but is superior by goal difference.

Australia, which started the tournament with a severe loss against France 4-1, regained its balance by defeating Tunisia 1-0, before achieving a surprising victory over Denmark with the same result.

Japan achieved the biggest surprise in the World Cup, by leading Group E with 6 points, which it won from two victories over Germany and Spain, with two goals to one in the two matches.

The fourth Asian team, Iran, failed to qualify, after finishing third in Group B with 3 points from a victory over Wales and two losses against England and the United States of America.

As for the fifth representative of Asia, the Saudi national team failed to capitalize on its historic victory over Argentina in the opening matches of Group C, 2-1 and lost to Poland and Mexico to finish in the last rank in the group.

As for the tournament host, Qatar, it suffered three defeats from Ecuador, Senegal, and the Netherlands

They conceded 7 goals and scored only one goal.

The face-saving goal scored by Mohammed Muntari may be the only advantage of the Qatari participation.

It is worth noting that this World Cup edition witnesses, for the first time in history, the participation of 6 Asian teams.

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