Georgina Rodriguez's Message in Arabic Exceeds 2M Views on Twitter

  • Publish date: Thursday، 05 January 2023 Last update: Sunday، 08 January 2023
Georgina Rodriguez's Message in Arabic Exceeds 2M Views on Twitter

Argentine-Spanish Georgina Rodriguez, the girlfriend of the legend Cristiano Ronaldo, the new star of Al Nassr, achieved an exceptional number of views on the social networking site Twitter on the sidelines of her participation in the Don's reception ceremony.

Al Nassr Club had held, on the evening of Tuesday, the third of January, a reception ceremony described as legendary for Cristiano Ronaldo at the "Mrsool Park" stadium, the stronghold of the Saudi club, in front of more than 30,000 fans.

The ceremony was attended by Georgina with Ronaldo's sons and daughters, where they were with him on the field, and they received a wonderful reception from the fans, which prompted Cristiano to thank them for that.

In Al Nassr's dressing room, the "Gorgeous" page on the social networking site "Twitter" published a video of Georgina speaking Arabic.

Georgina said briefly in Arabic: "Hello and welcome," which made this video attract exceptional numbers of views within 6 hours, amounting to more than two million views from the time it was published on the page.

Georgina's speech in Arabic came after Ronaldo did the same thing at the end of his reception ceremony at the "Mrsool Park" stadium, when he said: I am "Alaamy", referring to Al Nassr , which is known among its supporters by this name.

It is noteworthy that Georgina and Ronaldo's children arrived with him in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, on Monday evening, January 2, on a private plane.

Ronaldo is expected to stay with his family in a hotel in Riyadh, temporarily, until he moves to one of the luxurious palaces in the capital.

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