England Players Adopt "Dave" the Cat and Bring Him Back to the UK

  • Publish date: Monday، 12 December 2022
England Players Adopt "Dave" the Cat and Bring Him Back to the UK

In spite of the fact that football may not be returning this year, Dave the cat, the latest player for England, very definitely will.

The Three Lions did not win the World Cup Trophy after last night's loss to France, but they will now be traveling with a feline companion, so they are not entirely departing Qatar empty-handed.

The two defenders Kyle Walker and John Stones, who both participated in Gareth Southgate's team in England's final match, have made the decision to adopt a likable stray tabby cat they met when stationed at the Al Wakrah hotel.

England Players Adopt "Dave" the Cat and Bring Him Back to the UK

Walker had agreed to bring Dave back to England if they won the tournament, but despite the team's painful 2-1 defeat to France in the quarterfinals, the cat will be departing for abroad.

Stones gave the attractive cat the name Dave, and as the defeated England team takes off for home, Dave is getting set to move to the UK.

Dave became the team's mascot very fast, and the Manchester City team was frequently photographed with their furry friend.

Stones was questioned about Dave's condition in the days leading up to the France game.

Dave is doing well, he remarked. The other night, he got into a small fight with another cat. They seem to be squabbling over resources like food and territory. He's doing fine, though.

"Hopefully I can keep my commitment that he will return with us if we win the World Cup." Dave is doing well, I'm glad you asked.

England Players Adopt "Dave" the Cat and Bring Him Back to the UK

Walker stated to the FA's official media outlet: "We just adopted him, me and Stonesy. He was just there one day."

Dave is welcome to sit down. Although I adore the cat, other folks truly don't.

Despite the fact that England will not win the World Cup, the players decided to honor their word and rehome Dave.

Two hours after the squad had left, he left Al Wakrah and was on his way to a nearby veterinary clinic.

He will get a blood test and vaccines there before spending four months in quarantine before moving into his new residence.

"Dave is returning with the team, he's returning, but they haven't decided who's having him," a woman who had been charged with taking him to the vet reported.

With an average audience of 20.4 million viewers, broadcaster ITV said that England's 2-1 loss to defending champions France in the quarterfinal round was the most watched show on all TV networks this year.

Young star Jude Bellingham issued a final appeal to England fans, telling them to "stay with us," as the disappointed Three Lions made their way home from Qatar.

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