All You Need to Know About Zakat Al Fitr

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 26 April 2022 Last update: Sunday، 09 April 2023
All You Need to Know About Zakat Al Fitr

Eid al-Fitr is the earlier of the three official holidays celebrated within Islam, and it comes directly after Ramadan, in which Muslims celebrate breaking their fast. Muslims are required to pay Zakat Al Fitr, and to learn more about it, read the following article. 

What is Zakat Al Fitr?  

Zakat al-Fitr is a type of zakat due to Muslims, paid before Eid al-Fitr prayers or before the expiration of the fasting month of Ramadan, and it is due to every Muslim who possesses food over their need regardless of age or sex.   

What is the Purpose of Zakat Al Fitr? 

  • Help people in need.  

  • Ending Ramadan with a charity activity.  

  • Applying God's Commands. 

Who Must Pay Zakat Al Fitr?  

Every Muslim and all his family members as that family has enough food or money to feed themselves. A man must pay for his wife if she doesn't work or own money and his kids.

Zakat Al Fitr Amount

Zakat Al Fitr can either be paid as an amount of money that is determined by the Islamic Affairs Department of each country, or Zakat Al Fitr can be given as food for poor people. The kinds of food which can be given are five: dates, raisins, wheat, barley, and dry cottage cheese, and the amount is one Sa of food. Sa is a certain measure which equals 4 mudds, in which a mudd equals a handful of an average man). For example, a Sa of wheat equals 2176 grams, a Sa of rice is 2520 grams ..etc. 

Whom to Give Zakat Al Fitr?  

The recipients of Zakat al Fitr are the eight categories of recipients mentioned in surat Al-Tawbah. They include:

  • The poor and the needy 

  • Collectors of Zakah 

  • Reconciliation of hearts 

  • Freeing captives (fi al-Riqab) 

  • Debtors 

  • Sadaqa for the cause of Allah ‘fi sabil illah’ 

  • The wayfarer 

Zakat Al Fitr Time  

Zakat Al Fitr can be paid any time after the sun sets on the last day of Ramadan, until before Eid prayer.  

Where to Pay Zakat Al Fitr 

Any charity society, and usually they have many booths in the malls where you can pay for Zakat Al Fitr. In addition, some banks provide the option to pay for Zakat Al Fitr online through the bank application.

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