Qatar's Al Araby2 TV Reveals Ramadan Programme Lineup!

  • Publish date: Thursday، 07 March 2024
Qatar's Al Araby2 TV Reveals Ramadan Programme Lineup!

Qatar's Al Araby2 TV channel has revealed its Ramadan programme lineup, featuring various interesting and insightful shows.

The channel will air a comedy series "Ma Ikhtalafna”, featuring a cast from different Arab countries, which should definitely put this show on your to-watch list!

Al Araby2 TV will also broadcast a Palestinian series called "Bleeding Dust” and this title will surely increase the anticipation of many TV buffs!

A Yemeni series called “Safe Passage” will also air on the channel during Ramadan. 

Fans will be happy to know that the channel has also acquired the rights to broadcast the second season of the popular show ‘Kasr Adam’ (Breaking Bones).

An exciting and fun daily live programme called 'Welcome Ramadan' will also return for a second season, a must-watch for viewers with family or friends. 

The programmes for Ramadan 2024 will be toned down because of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, therefore the channel will feature some programmes highlighting the issue for the Palestinians. 

Al Araby2 TV will also feature other fun Ramadan programmes including “Mosques Around the World”, “Ramadan Foods”, and “Food and Health”.

All these Ramadan programmes air from 6:00 p.m. (Qatar's local time) until midnight. 

Al Araby2 TV has also launched a new mobile app where viewers can watch various broadcasts, so don't miss out on these exciting Ramadan programmes. 

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