Zulal Spa Resort Offers New Health Packages for Families

  • Publish date: Monday، 12 September 2022
Zulal Spa Resort Offers New Health Packages for Families

Zulal Spa Resort, which is part of the Shiva Som brand, invites its guests to embark on a family journey into the world of wellness and indulge in an interactive experience that caters to the needs of the whole family.

The Zulal Discovery section dedicated to families in the resort offers the exclusive “Family Wellness” philosophy, believing that individual wellness is synonymous with enjoying integrated family life and the ability to build strong relationships, and seek to enhance them through special activities and practices, so from this point of view, the Family Wellness Journey package is specially designed for families who wish to participate in activities that contribute to strengthening relations and the spirit of cooperation among all individuals on the one hand, and enhancing their general health, on the other.

This family bonding package includes a two-night stay and is an ideal choice for multi-generational travelers as it is suitable for guests of all ages.

Upon arrival at the resort, family members will participate in an initial consultation with one of the world's leading specialists at Zulal Spa in order to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and requirements during their journey, in light of this consultation, guests receive a treatment tailored to them, with a range of comprehensive activities for parents and children to enjoy either individually or together.

Thus, the resort invites families to relax and rejuvenate while enjoying the unique package of spa treatments available, In this context, oriental scalp massage was developed on the basis of traditional Arab-Islamic medicine, with the aim of relieving stress in the head, neck, and shoulders, especially since this treatment combines techniques of deep tissue massage and relaxation of the muscular fascia.

Guests can choose one of Zulal's signature essential oils to massage their temples, ensuring deep relaxation.

In addition, they can enjoy treatments from a range of experiences for children and parents, such as soothing massage, foot massage for the little ones, Himalayan salt foot soak, and more.

Designed to meet the needs of parents and children alike, the Family Wellness Experience offers a wide range of holistic therapies to promote relaxation and relieve symptoms of stress with the aim of improving overall health and well-being.

Among these services, Tibetan Vascular Vibrations produce unique sounds that encourage deep relaxation and muscle regeneration to relieve joint, muscle, and shoulder pain, improving blood circulation, removing obstructions, and allowing energy to flow throughout the body.

It is worth noting that the program focuses on wellness and teaches children the importance of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and includes fitness activities, including circuit training, tai chi sessions, swimming classes, light aqua aerobics, and other activities, all designed to improve balance and agility coordination, as well as teaching parents and children mindfulness exercises and breathing practices that they can apply in their daily lives.

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