A Special Conclusion to The Eid Festival in Doha Corniche

  • Publish date: Monday، 09 May 2022
A Special Conclusion to The Eid Festival in Doha Corniche

A few days ago, at the Doha Corniche, the activities of the Eid al-Fitr Festival, organized by Qatar Tourism, concluded.

The large audience who attended the entertainment events closely enjoyed the concert, carnival games, and fireworks that shone in the Doha sky, as well as enjoying the huge balloon parade, which is the first in the region.

Several festival visitors praised the diversity of events, their arrangement, and the quality of their selection, expressing their wishes that the next edition of the festival would witness activities and entertainment programs of the same quality.

Expressing their thanks and appreciation to Qatar Tourism for its role in supporting domestic tourism and its prosperity, launching a diverse festival, and activating a variety of events and entertainment shows that suit all family members.

Mr. Saleh Saeedan Al-Menhali from Saudi Arabia said: The Eid Al-Fitr Festival in its current version, with its various activities that were selected with high efficiency, made it the focus of the attention of all family members of all age groups,

He further explained that the festival's entertainment events had become a major attraction for those looking for high-end leisure tourism, expressing his wishes that the festivals' march would continue to enrich the tourism experience.

He added, "The huge balloons parade has won the admiration of all festival visitors, due to its uniqueness and its reflection of a beautiful and wonderful face, as it is a new and modern entertainment product that has enhanced the festival's success march."

Mr. Jean Paul from the Philippines said: “The festival is wonderful in every sense of the word. It is a distinguished celebration that brought people together and made them enjoy a series of fun entertainment programs and events, especially the huge balloon parade, which is the first of its kind in the region.”

Then, he praised the decision to allocate the Corniche Road for pedestrians only during the three days of the festival, which contributed greatly to enhancing the flow of visitors’ traffic to the various event sites, praising in this context the integrated organization and arrangement of events and entertainment events.

Jean Paul continued: The festival's activities were carefully selected and selected with high professionalism and efficiency, which made them suitable for all family members of all age groups, which helped in promoting the great public turnout, expressing his thanks to Qatar Tourism for its growing and prominent role in providing a quality festive atmosphere that contributed to the enrichment and revitalization of domestic tourism. Its prosperity is enhanced by several entertaining and artistic programs and events, expressing his hope that the next edition of the festival will be at the same level of the pioneering entertainment product that has won the approval and satisfaction of all visitors.

It should be noted that Qatar Tourism is responsible for helping to develop tourism in the State of Qatar through new structures and policies, considering that the tourism sector is a unique sector that must be supported and succeeded to achieve a second important source of national income after natural resources such as gas. All of this comes within the Qatar National Vision 2030.

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