'Dammi Falastini' Song Returns to Spotify

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 24 May 2023
'Dammi Falastini' Song Returns to Spotify
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Spotify reinstated Palestinian singer Mohammed Assaf's song 'Dammi Falastini' on the popular music streaming platform. 

The song was reinstated after Palestinians' outcry on social media. Assaf shared how he had received an email, which explained that the song had been removed because of supposed "incitement towards Israel". 

The song celebrates the cultural and historical heritage of Palestinians, which resonates with people around the globe. 

However, a spokesperson from Spotify clarified that the song was not removed from the platform for any political reasons. The spokesperson explained that the song had been removed upon the request of the local distributor of the song, which Assaf refuted. 

Extensive social media campaigns were run to restore the song, which resulted in Spotify reinstating the song on their platform.

Image source: @mohammedassaf89 Instagram page