For The Love of Film: Qatar's Burgeoning Photography Scene

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 23 August 2022 Last update: Saturday، 19 August 2023
For The Love of Film: Qatar's Burgeoning Photography Scene

Analog photography, commonly known as film photography, has grown in popularity over the past few years.

In honor of World Photography Day this year, we examine the burgeoning film photography scene in Qatar and how it came to be.

Analog Film Qatar is an Instagram feed created by a local photographer in Qatar named Khalid Al Ghanim with the goal of uniting the country's film photography scene.

For The Love of Film: Qatar's Burgeoning Photography Scene

Khalid has devoted a significant amount of his life to photography.

Khalid stated: "I've been practicing photography since middle school. I used to shoot photos of people and send them to the dean's [office], and they'd put them in the yearbook. Making time stand still is an idea that has stuck with me a lot.

Khalid had always wanted to venture into film photography. While attending the University of Chicago, he was motivated to venture into the world of film photography after witnessing individuals take up various hobbies during the pandemic.

After graduating from university and returning to Qatar, Khalid discovered a yearning for a neighborhood.

We all come from diverse backgrounds and live in separate bubbles. Perhaps we'd like to set aside a few hours each week to unwind and engage in something helpful.

Khalid started the Analog Qatar Instagram page with no expectations, but with the conviction that there are others who also enjoy taking pictures on film.

"I gained about 5 or 6 followers and began corresponding with a few individuals who had related interests here and there. After that, I had the impression that something was about to happen.

"[One day] I was waiting at a light when I noticed the Gulf Cinema, which is a really nostalgic location, on my right.

I thought to pair the two together when I gazed at my nostalgic camera. I entered the structure and asked to take a tour and do some shooting with a small group of individuals. They concurred.

To Khalid's surprise, people arrived the following night with cameras, film, and enthusiasm. The owner of Qatar's sole film-processing facility, Khalifa Art Center, even made a guest appearance.

Khalid created the hashtag #analogqatar to encourage people to document Qatar, its culture, and its art scene on video in order to keep the excitement and energy going. The hashtag, which only had a few early photographs, currently has about 2300 posts.

From his most recent Photowalk, Khalid reveals one of his favorite shots.

"That was shot around Old Al Ghanim. That region is so eccentric and special. In an ancient space that, based on my assumption, once housed a residence, I noticed these guys simply playing volleyball. They simply played volleyball thereafter converting it into one. They are playing and having a blast, and that in itself is its own community.

For The Love of Film: Qatar's Burgeoning Photography Scene

"When individuals come to Analog, it is important to me that they made the decision to try something new. If you enjoy it, that's great; if, no big deal. Everyone is encouraged to participate.

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